Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I will show you an average Ass-Kicking

So this post is going to be scattered - much like my brain at this point.
 First we can talk about my surgery, because I want to warn you all of something CRAZY that doctors are doing. I'm sure your curious now.. like I have some crazy scandal to tell you. Which I don't. That's unless you are talking about my not-so-friendly-male-nurse/molester. Which we weren't. So I will move on. Anyway, the doctors are doing this nuts thing now. Get this, they are describing procedures as "simple" and "average". I presume they do this because they can't say painful or annoying. See how they use the play on words? Yes, I'm sure it was a "simple" and "average" procedure for you... It's your job. If it you told me this was the most complicated surgery you had ever preformed I would be concerned. Then I would probably run away. Then tell all my blog followers NOT to go to you. Your sneaky Doc, you only told me how it would be for YOU. What about me? The girl who hasn't left the house in 6 days? I don't know about you but laying in bed, begging your boyfriend to fill your ice pack for the 10000th time isn't "average" for me. Your a trickster Doc. A real trickster. Let me tell you something... I don't like that one bit. If I was able, I would totally come to your house and do an "average" ass kicking. I can't though...cause your a liar (and I can't kick). Seems your always one step ahead.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

And this is why people think I have ADHD

So basically my life has flashed before my eyes the past week (not because I was 21 and drunk). Mostly because I was 21 though, cause everyone wanted to hangout with this cool kid. A lot has happened that I have failed to blog about, and sadly for all of you... I'm not gonna do it right now. Cause guess what followers? I don't have enough time to tell you EVERYTHING. So basically I keep a note in my phone of all the things I want to write about, so when crazy shit happens I can remember it. 

So my list is as follows:

  • I'm getting knee surgery (yeah you read that right). I've never had surgery before. The lady who called today to "prep me" by asking 1000 questions about my family history actually scared me more (if that's possible)
  • The anesthesia for the surgery - Yes friends, it gets it own post. If you have ever watched a Lifetime movie you know why.
  • The Friday night of my 21st- I cant really give you a brief description of this night... you will just have to wait in anticipation.
  • The Melting Pot and Casino- mostly because I was surrounded by people who didn't believe I was 21, which will be something I will be dealing with (hopefully) till I am 40.
  • The Cardinals game with my friends. :)
Clearly you can understand why I can't blog about all of this right now, cause that's a lot! Good news, I will have plenty of time after my knee surgery to blog. If I don't die. I keep having these weird dreams about being  allergic to anesthesia, which I am sure has happened to people in the past. I might Google it now that I'm thinking of it. I'm sure there are statistics I can get from somewhere. Annnnddd.... I'm on my way to Google. Like a psycho.

Until you see individual posts, you will just get a teaser of photos. Wish me luck!