Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm about to go on a very long rant, that may or may not be offensive to anyone who has ever attended/taught/seen a community college. 

They suck. 
Its not the teachers fault. Nor is it the fault of the staff who is over worked and probably terribly underpaid. Its the system. The few years I attended I was all "Just let me Extreme School Makeover this place". I will come in, fire the shitty old/cranky teachers and staff (that refuse to retire). Paint the walls. Put in some desks that don't resemble the same ones I used in the third grade. And get shit ORGANIZED. I swear people will be begging to come to this place. Well.... probably not. But they wouldn't dream of getting caught horrible traffic to have a legitimate reason to not go to class.

Extreme School Makeover Steps:
#1. Fire every college algebra teacher that has ever taught even a single class there.
#2. Figure out the tornado that is the financial aid department
#3. Hire people that's only job is to answer the friggin phones
#4. Paint the walls. Like a friendly color.
#5. Get a desk that my whole ass can fit in
#6. Donate all the old desks to an elementary school. Or a dollhouse. 
#7. Put a computer on every desk. You know. For Facebook purposes.
#8. Install a speaker system throughout all the buildings and have the teachers drop everything and do a choreographed dance every time the radio plays "Moves Like Jagger" (kinda the same concept as Texas Roadhouse)

#8 could probably not make the cut. Depends on how long you give me to teach the teachers the dance. Extreme School Makeover only lasts 3 days. So we will see. In the mean time... I'm gonna send these suggestions the school's way. You know... as my own Public Service. You are welcome future community college students.

*** Anyway, I love most of the teachers at my old school and I truthfully thank them for tolerating me for the semester. If you have met me you are probably aware of my mild self-diagnosed OCD and my constant need to tell everyone my opinion. A few have actually have helped change my life. Those are the ones who I would hire as SCHOOL PRESIDENTS. and their salaries would be $1000344957 a year. Yeah.... Im sure you want me to take over the school now!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Music these days.

"music" what a joke.

Worst songs of the year
1. Moves like Jagger- Maroon Five
2. Friday Song- Rebecca Black
3.Sexy and I Know It- Lmfao
4. anything "sung" by Lady GaGa
5.Whip My Hair- Willow Smith

Every time these songs play I hope my own hair will whip itself into my ears, or some sort of jagger will find it's way into my temple. 

However, this does not stop the radio stations from playing them. Clearly, somewhere in this world there are mass amounts of teenage girls who jump around listening to songs about being born crazy. Its okay preteen girls, you can be psycho. You were born that way baby. Also, feel free to dress like tiny street walkers and/or disco balls wearing ten inch heels. Its totally cool.... The song says so. I mean, you're sexy and you know it, and you have moves like jaggers whatever the F that means. 

I've lost all hope for American youth. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's talk about Christmas break.

It's the shit. End of story.

.... I have been out of school like 3 days and have watched more Law and Order reruns then any normal full-time employee could ever dream of. I don't shower till about 2 in the afternoon on a productive day. I have become obsessed with pinterest, so I am constantly looking a crafts/food that I will never EVER make in my whole life. 

It's like they knew me personally when they made this.
I like to call these "college problems"
How did you know!?!
Those are just a few photos I found on pinterest that explain my life. 

Anyway, I hope your Christmas season is filled with all kinds of cool stuff.. Like cookies, Elf the movie, Chick Fil A, blankets, naps, tv marathons,wine, and more family than you really can tolerate! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My blog is in the Christmas spirit!

It's Christmas season here on my blog. I hate Christmas so this might be the only post you see about it (unless something dumb and Christmas related happens... which is a giant possibility). 

Here's the breakdown: I LOVE the Christmas season! Ex: Snow, eggnog, Christmas music, Christmas trees, more cookies than I could ever imagine! Oh, and I also love the birth of Jesus. He's the man, and I like his birthday.

I hate Christmas day. Three families... one Casey. Three large meals... one small stomach. Presents. I hate presents. I don't have enough time (or blog space) to talk about my hatred of presents so please just trust me. I also hate surprises. Overall you can just see its not a good holiday for me.

Anyway... below is my list of shit I hope to do before Christmas. I wont be posting one for "things I wish to accomplish for after Christmas" because that would simply be... 1)sleeping 2) working out.... to lose the flat tire that will no doubt form around my stomach area. 

List of things I hope to accomplish before I die Christmas:

  • Do all my Christmas shopping online so I don't have to interact with psycho moms that "JUST NEED THE LEAPSTER SO BAD! MY TOMMY'S CHRISTMAS WILL BE RUINED WITHOUT IT!"
  • Eat all my mom's Christmas cookies before she has a chance to take them to work!
  • Drink a lot of "special" Eggnog.... because its legal
  • Think of something to get my grandfather, who hates Christmas as much as I do
  • Drink wine
  • Wear a lot of pajamas
  • Put more pajamas on my Christmas list
  • Watch all 300 versions of The Grinch they play on ABC Family
  • Watch EVERYTHING on ABC Family that says "Christmas" in the title Watch EVERYTHING on ABC Family period. 
  • Ignore everything on the list of the name I picked for Secret Santa.... and get them something I think is way cooler
  • Try not to kill Eric as he asks if he can have his present early for the 109938938 time!
  • Drink more wine
  • Buy my dog this adorable scarf I saw on


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uhhh life? Is that you? It's me. Casey.

Hello world :) It's me.

Yeah me. The girl who has been dedicating far too much time to this little annoyance called "education". It's been a rough semester. This has been the most work I have ever done in my life. I'm exhausted! 

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy, and I feel like my body just cant keep up! So I went to the doctor to get some blood work, and I learned I am probably not Narcoleptic (I wish). I am just Iron Deficient. I refuse to say "anemic" because my family will be all... "we told you so" And I have A LOT of family and not enough time. Anyway, I'm on like 9 million Iron supplements daily (I will probably actually take them this time). Hopefully that will help with the "F*&@ the alarm clock mornings". Probably not, but a girl can dream. 

I also chose a major, AND a school. I'm Going to Webster (I want to steal all your money) University. :) My major will be Public Relations with a minor in Advertising. I know what you are all thinking.... I've said I want be anything from an Astronaut to a Clown. I mean it this time. I even signed up for classes. Trust me, once you pay for those classes you can NEVER look back. Hopefully I will have it paid off sometime before I die. 

I think this career choice might be good for my outgoing, non stop talking, over dramatic personality. :) 

I also would like to write a book. Lord knows I have enough crazy stuff to write about my own life. However, I don't think the world is ready for it, so that one might be put on hold. Maybe until my mom cant see well enough to read anymore, so I can save her from disappointment. Just kidding MOM! ..... kinda. 

she hates when I do homework.
Anyway, Zoey and I are doing well. She is abnormally clingy, I think she is battling Eric for my attention. Sadly neither of them get it because of that "education" thing. BUT.... the countdown is ON! after my transfer to Webster in the Spring I have a year and a half left :)
By then I'm sure Eric and Zoey will both be running for the hills!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bask in this, because it doesn't happen often.

Ummm Hi blog world. its me.It's the sick girl (again) reporting from her bed. 
I'm recovering from an awesome Thanksgiving that I ate FAR too much at. Being from an Italian family always has it's perks, such as Thanksgiving lasagna's. That's right. As always, it was fantastic.
Just a few of my cousins on Thanksgiving :)

My last post told you about the upcoming change in my life, which has now finally started to sink it's way into my brain. Since that day I have talked to A LOT of people, I mean a lot. My phone never shuts up... like ever. I wanted to address some things in this post.... I'm 21. I'm sure that's what your thinking right? We can just come out in the open and say it, it wont hurt my feelings. 21 is young. As much as I complain about how old I am, I am still at the peek of my young life. The time where I should "explore and have exciting adventures". 

You're right. I should. And I do.... Everyday. I consider everyday an adventure, I'm getting an education that some people don't get the chance to have. I have goals for myself that I reach each day. I spend time with my friends. I spend time with my family. I spend time with Eric's family. I appreciate sunsets, and sunrises(If I must). I listen to music that has meaning. The boys I watch have smiles that brighten my day. I take walks. I also have a fantastic guy in my life who treats me right.

Your right, I'm 21. But that doesn't mean I'm not mature enough to realize my goals.

 My family and I used to joke that I was going to be "the dog lady" because I never wanted to get married. I would tell my grandmother that I didn't want kids. I was going to marry myself. You think I'm kidding? Ask them. When I met Eric a lot changed. The first thing I noticed was that I was lucky and happier then I've ever been. Not many people at age 18 could say they met someone that changed the outlook of their future. I did. It doesn't take much to know that you met the love of your life. Some people notice it with the boy next door, at age 10. Some people notice at age 45, with a man in their office. I happen to notice mine, after meeting him at school. It took far too long for me to date Eric, because I was an emotional mess. He didn't deserve that. And when he asked me to marry him, I wasn't going to leave him hanging again. Not only am I NOT an emotional mess, I realize just how happy I am.

Most of the people reading this have met him a few times, and some have only seen him through pictures on this page. You haven't gotten to see the emotions that we experience with each other firsthand, but I am sure that you know the feelings, and that you have experienced it before.

Eric and I fight, not often.. but we do. In fact a few days before he proposed we were in the biggest fight of our relationship. After he proposed I said "We were just in the biggest fight of our relationship!" and he said "If that's the biggest fight we have had, I think I'm pretty lucky". It's days like that I love him most. Even when we fight, he says something that takes my breath away.

For those of you who are worried, don't be. I have an amazing family and I have learned some of the best examples from you :)

-----My next post will be back to my normal crazy ranting shit, but this week I was feeling all "EMOTIONAL" bask in it, because it doesn't happen often.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The post you have been waiting for

I had to blog tonight because:
 1)It turned out to be one of the best days of my life 
 2)I'm positive you guys miss me. ;)

My boyfriend, the wonderful guy you hear about so much on my blog proposed to me tonight. Before I answer the stereotypical questions such as "how did he propose?" "When's it gonna happen?" I wanted to share some back story and some photos that will make this as corny as possible ( i mean I only get to do this once).

Eric and I found each other at really crazy points in our lives. It took a long time in the friend zone and some serious coaxing before we finally went on our first real date. It was to a Boys Like Girls concert. That's right, that's true dedication to a woman. We also went to one of my favorite places to eat on The Hill, that also shares some of my best family memories. He enjoyed it so much that we actually got to build new memories there with his family :) He talked about how much he drives around the city with his friends, and then somehow we mysteriously got lost at 1am. I gave him directions because I knew my way around, and we didn't argue at all. I remember thinking how perfect it was that we could get lost and not argue about finding our way home. I couldn't think of a single flaw about this guy!

Now we flash forward two and a half years later, to the present day. I've found some flaws (i assume its because I've have plenty of time). He is obsessed with cowboy boots and never takes them off, it takes at least 15 minutes for him to get his wallet and shoes and make it to the car,and he actually enjoys some rap music. The amazing part is how much I love those things about him. 

So when he proposed tonight very quietly and simply (because he know its that way i would want) I was pretty surprised. Obviously, we have been together 2 years and this conversation has been had more than once, but I truly don't think you can prepare yourself enough mentally. 

We had spent the evening out with my friends and family and when we got to my house he was being a weirdo (I'm sure he would agree). I'm a chatterbox so it was hard for him to get a word in but he proposed while i was laying in my bed. He said the worlds nicest things, and to be honest that was our moment so i don't really need to share them with everyone. But it was perfect. I love Eric because he understands 1) I hate surprises 2) that though I'm dramatic, I'm very simple and have simple taste.

As for when it will happen, well this is pretty fresh. I'm about 5 hours in at this point. I want to finish school, which is around another year and a half. If there's anything my mom has taught me is that I need to achieve my goals before I I set goals for me and someone else. 

So far, people have been amazing. I couldn't ask for a better support system. The final message I want to leave you with is this... Don't plan for a wedding, plan for a marriage. It has been easy for me to dream up a cake and a dress since I was 5, but it takes a special kind of person to dream a happy healthy marriage. As for all the details, time will tell! Thanks guys :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This post comes to you after drinking the worlds largest margarita so bear with me here. I've been thinking about something these past few days that I just cant seem to understand, my preset radio stations. Let me just give you an example of the things I listen to in my car. 
3 country stations (because I rock)
a pop station (because I need to stay hip with what the young people are listening to)
Joy FM (the Christian station, because I just want to. don't judge me.)
GENX Radio (which is the most bad ass thing to ever happen to the radio)
and this is the doosey... DJ CUTTY?CUTTIE? I have no clue how to spell it but its 104.1 which is rap music.

You may be thinking "why does this matter?" well I will tell you... 
Ironically I try and trick myself into liking it by making it my last resort when all the other good stations are on commercial breaks, but I guess I cant trick my genius brain. I'm like "hmmmm country is on break. MAYBE 104.1 will have something I remotely recognize like ummm whats his name.... uhhh JAY Z?" but no. I could tell you what they do have, but then my page would have to be rated M for mature. So I will spare you the disturbing lyrics. All I will say is... no matter how drunk, tired, or confused you are... you will not trick your brain into thinking horrible music is good. The End.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Those Jeans Like Me

In honor of Rebecca Black horribly annoying song "Friday" I decided to hit you guys with another annoying song today. Your welcome.

Just remember to wear Hannah Montana type jeans. They make you cool, and all your friends will like you a lot more. It also helps if your family has enough money to buy you a horrible music video for all your friends to star in.
 "hahahaha jack my swag"

- Casey

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I think we can all learn from this

I feel so behind! I looked at my little ummmm.... whats that thing called when it tell's you how many posts you write in a month? Yeah I don't know. But whatever it is, it said I only wrote 2 posts in October! TWO! Really? Cause I feel like October was the weirdest month of my life, yet I wrote nothing. Maybe it was because I am still recovering from surgery. Like I said yesterday... I still like to blame everything on that. Its okay though, I'm entitled to it. 

These past few weeks I have had plenty of time to read, and ponder lots of life questions as I count just how many little bumps exist on my popcorn ceiling. If I didn't have some crazy form of self diagnosed ADD I would be able to tell you the exact number. Sadly, I cant. Cause I'm pretty distracted right now.

Anyway, I was watching this video yesterday. I cant even tell you about it. You would just have to watch because, I cant even be as awesome as this girl even if I tried. 

Obviously I have the worlds weirdest/awesome/craziest/supportive boyfriend. We  compliment each other mostly because we have the same ideas about how the world should work. As much as I would love to be a princess and never work in my life EVER again, That's just not in the cards for my future. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure I am okay with that. But what this video is trying to say is GET YOUR ASS UP AND DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF. Now, I am not gonna lie to you guys... I complain all the time about gender role double standards. I have a right to do that, because I work myself to death. For real. HOWEVER, I have never just expected anything from him. Ever. I even told him DEAR-GOD-DONT-BUY-ME-A-CHRISTMAS-PRESENT-THIS-YEAR. but for some reason he thinks its a trick. So Eric, if you are reading this.. its not a trick and I have people here to witness it. Just buy yourself something nice, like a gun part. I will be completely fine with that. 

My main point of this is, women need to stop being so annoying. Don't speak in code, speak English. Say what your thinking. It makes things a lot easier. Also, men aren't around to give you a free ride for life. they are here to be your partners, your backbone, and your friends. Don't take advantage. Its not a very attractive quality. - With that being said, I get down off my soap box. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Captain Charming- The Man Nurse

So I figured it was time to come back to you guys, even though I am not fully done with my I-JUST-WANT-TO-BE-NORMAL-AGAIN post surgery depression. This was my first surgery, so I'm still in the phase where I can use my recovery as an excuse to get out of things that I don't want to do. For awhile it was laundry. Thanks mom. Its pretty nifty. 

So today I was telling my sister for the first time about my scary man/cranky/rapist nurse from my post surgery blur and I realized... I forgot to tell my blog about him! (yes, I refer to my blog as a person. Don't judge me.) And the reason I wanted to tell you guys about him was because I was feeling a tad uncomfortable, and I just wanted to see if his behavior was normal. Okay, here it goes. 

So my mother, father, Kathy, and grandpa came to my surgery that day. Yes, when you are apart of my family you travel with a posse. Even if you don't want to. I had the worlds nicest people helping me get checked in, get an IV, and even help me to the bathroom. What sweethearts. Also, I didn't have to worry about anything weird happening during surgery because this wonderful woman introduced herself to me as "the woman who will sit with you just to make you feel comfortable knowing there is another female in the room". That was nice. She literally had a chair to sit in to make sure none of the all-male staff did anything I could sue them for later. I'm sure by now your thinking, "wow they covered all their bases, how did some weirdo bother you?" Well calm down. I'm getting there.

What I want you to remember through this whole paragraph is that I was drugged, like heavily drugged. It took hours/days for these memories to replay themselves. But I will start from when I woke up from surgery. If you ask my mom and dad, I woke up at about 10:30am. However, the first time I saw on the clock was 10:45 so I have a missing 15 minutes where I have no idea what happened. The first thing I remember was my dad telling me my dog came to visit, and I believed him. That's an example of how crazy I was. So basically what happened next set the tone for my whole post-op recovery, my lovely grandpa told my man-nurse that he caught him picking his nose. Not only did he tell him he witnessed his disgusting search for gold, he told all the woman nurses around us. Yeah, I know. My grandpa has no filter. So basically I had no chance. This guy hated my guts and wanted my whole family to leave. 

So within the minute I wake up, captain charming wants me to do leg exercises. ummm no? So instead of me doing them, he decided to pick my leg up and do them for me. Then, after this lovely experience I ask for drugs. I needed them. His response? "I already asked you if you wanted them and you said no" ummmmm... bring me the mother *&@(&#(@  drugs anyway. I don't think there's a time limit. So after he gave me a free bag of cheez its and a water the size of a sippy cup, he decided it was time for me to leave. Keep in mind by this point it was 10:52. I was awake for 7 minutes and it's time to leave. Good luck drugged girl, have fun in the real world. But this my friends, is not the end. This is actually the disturbing part. He proceeds to tell my mom, kathy, and family to go to the waiting room, and he closes the curtain and dresses me himself. No joke. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. I got a lousy 7 minutes, a few cheez its, and a baby cup of water and he gets to see me naked. That's the worst date I have ever been on, and I have been on some doozies. So after seeing all my goods, he puts me in a wheelchair and wheels me out some side door. When we get to the parking lot he starts getting cranky... asking "wheres your family?!?" and of course... he never told them I was leaving. Anyway... he puts my wheelchair in lock (what a sweetheart) and starts to walk inside (without me) to go get my family. Thankfully my grandpa saw me sitting out all lonely and drugged in the parking lot, so he met us out there. The captain charming decided I could probably handle getting into the car alone. :) 

Yes my friends, he is gonna make a lucky lady SO happy one day. 

So what I'm asking is, Is this normal? Cause I totally wrote about this on the entire back of the survey page. 
Feel free to let me know if I am just psycho. It wouldn't be the first time I've heard it. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I will show you an average Ass-Kicking

So this post is going to be scattered - much like my brain at this point.
 First we can talk about my surgery, because I want to warn you all of something CRAZY that doctors are doing. I'm sure your curious now.. like I have some crazy scandal to tell you. Which I don't. That's unless you are talking about my not-so-friendly-male-nurse/molester. Which we weren't. So I will move on. Anyway, the doctors are doing this nuts thing now. Get this, they are describing procedures as "simple" and "average". I presume they do this because they can't say painful or annoying. See how they use the play on words? Yes, I'm sure it was a "simple" and "average" procedure for you... It's your job. If it you told me this was the most complicated surgery you had ever preformed I would be concerned. Then I would probably run away. Then tell all my blog followers NOT to go to you. Your sneaky Doc, you only told me how it would be for YOU. What about me? The girl who hasn't left the house in 6 days? I don't know about you but laying in bed, begging your boyfriend to fill your ice pack for the 10000th time isn't "average" for me. Your a trickster Doc. A real trickster. Let me tell you something... I don't like that one bit. If I was able, I would totally come to your house and do an "average" ass kicking. I can't though...cause your a liar (and I can't kick). Seems your always one step ahead.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

And this is why people think I have ADHD

So basically my life has flashed before my eyes the past week (not because I was 21 and drunk). Mostly because I was 21 though, cause everyone wanted to hangout with this cool kid. A lot has happened that I have failed to blog about, and sadly for all of you... I'm not gonna do it right now. Cause guess what followers? I don't have enough time to tell you EVERYTHING. So basically I keep a note in my phone of all the things I want to write about, so when crazy shit happens I can remember it. 

So my list is as follows:

  • I'm getting knee surgery (yeah you read that right). I've never had surgery before. The lady who called today to "prep me" by asking 1000 questions about my family history actually scared me more (if that's possible)
  • The anesthesia for the surgery - Yes friends, it gets it own post. If you have ever watched a Lifetime movie you know why.
  • The Friday night of my 21st- I cant really give you a brief description of this night... you will just have to wait in anticipation.
  • The Melting Pot and Casino- mostly because I was surrounded by people who didn't believe I was 21, which will be something I will be dealing with (hopefully) till I am 40.
  • The Cardinals game with my friends. :)
Clearly you can understand why I can't blog about all of this right now, cause that's a lot! Good news, I will have plenty of time after my knee surgery to blog. If I don't die. I keep having these weird dreams about being  allergic to anesthesia, which I am sure has happened to people in the past. I might Google it now that I'm thinking of it. I'm sure there are statistics I can get from somewhere. Annnnddd.... I'm on my way to Google. Like a psycho.

Until you see individual posts, you will just get a teaser of photos. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Avengers :)

My inner nerd has really come out lately, I have been super excited about The Avengers (who isn't?). So basically I take advantage of every small chance I can find to get {Bill Nye and Mr. Positive} to watch the cartoon. Which is very rare because the weather is GORGEOUS and I don't want to be the psycho that makes the kids watch T.V. even if The Avengers really do complete my life. Anyway, during one of the rainy afternoons Mr. Positive wanted to watch television, and I don't know if you guys are aware but kids shows kinda really suck lately. They are either gross or make no sense so I just HAD to trick Mr. Positive into watching Avengers (to keep my sanity). When you turn the television on for these boys a fire breathing elephant could walk through the room and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't notice. I love them though because they are always challenging my reasoning for things. Here's a glimpse:

Bill Nye: Why does Thor always die first!? He always is the first to get killed!

Me: Maybe it's cause he is the worst one, and he kinda sucks. 

Bill Nye: No he isn't! He has all the coolest stuff! He is the best out of all of them! 

Me: If is he is the best then why does he die first all the time? :) I mean... you said he dies first, that kinda means he's bad don't you think?

Bill Nye: No

Me: Yes!

Bill Nye: NO!

Me: YES!

Bill Nye: NUH-UH!


and that continued for about 1000 more Nuh-uh's and Yuh-huh's. I'm probably the most mature nanny you know. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taste of St. Louis

Eric wanted to go to the Taste Of St. Louis yesterday, which I thought was an alright idea. Since I decided my knee won't slow me down anymore I wanted to go. Bad idea. Not only did my knee slow me down the 30,000+ people that kept knocking into me and stepping on my shoe almost killed me! Anyone who knows me is well aware that I don't like when people break my stride, basically DON'T stop right in front of me. So we made it about 20 minutes before I had a mild panic attack and freaked out. Link

Plus I had to drive there, and I HATE DRIVING IN THE CITY MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Mostly because when you have a giant amount of people, The IQ level drops like 1000 points. SO I had another panic attack because Eric likes to pretend he's calm when I'm driving but I know he isn't, so it makes me very paranoid. Link

Basically my message to the general public is.. Don't let the promise of 40 different booths of food drag you into the depths of the city. It isn't worth it. All you end up with is a wasted half tank of gas, several mild panic attacks, and a VERY HUNGRY stomach. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ummm... How about shut your mouth?

In honor of me being in the worlds WORST mood, I'm gonna rant about something that drives me SOOOOO crazy I almost can't stand it. -The dreaded question. The bomb that is dropped when you least expect it. 

"What are you gonna do for the rest of your life?"

Thats easy!I want to be a professional student! I just LOVE going to school all the time! I love spending my whole life limping around campus in the rain and being annoyed by girls who haven't quite mastered the concept of texting while walking. I love it so much that I have decided to stay and do that forever... that's why I'm still in school! Yep! Its so fun! 
-So basically I get asked this about 19343879837248 times a day. Yeah, that's pretty annoying. I assume people are trying to "be nice and show an interest in my life" but I would rather you not. 

For shit's and giggles I will now write my plan of attack for the next time someone asks me this question.

Me: Geez! This is such a fine and dandy day! Look at the sunshine! Oh, did you watch Ellen yesterday? SO FUNNY! she had this game that made people fall through a hole into a deep abyss if they got a question wrong... I wonder if they ever come out. now that I think about it, I don't think I saw them come out. Hmmmm I wonder where they fall to.

Tool: Yeah funny. Hey, what are your plans for your entire future?

Me: Oh, I was thinking of becoming an exotic dancer. Well that or marry someone rich, anything that would make my mom proud. 

Tool: So no college? No plans on attending a university and majoring in political science and following Obama as he tours the country? No medical doctorate? You don't want to help people dying of cancer?

Me: Ehhhhh not really. I don't want to have "plans" they aren't really my cup of tea. Plus Obama is like the worst. president. ever. so following him would be really pointless.

Tool: AHHHH How DARE you talk about Obama in such a way?! I was just trying to ask about your future! 

Me: Well next time you want to talk about my future -HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!?!

End Rant.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspiration comes when you least expect it

Lately blogging has been a little bit of a chore (as much as I love you all). Its just hard to fit it in when I have such a heavy load with school and work. I'm a bit OCD so I kinda want to be at 110% for everything I do. I have been writing less posts, but I try and make them better quality so you guys enjoy yourselves why you're here! I've been working on some new things for OUR blog in the future, I even landed a interview with my favorite author Heather Wardell which will be coming sometime soon :) But even then I have been kinda worn out and thinking "I remember how fun it used to be". Then something unexpected happened, I stayed late in one of my classes to speak with one of my favorite teachers. When I finished talking to her a girl from my class walked with me out to my car, she told me my blog helped push her to start her own blog! And she's really good! 
[]: I'm sure she would be happy If you checked it out. 

Just reading through hers inspired me to write one tonight! So here I am :) typing a blog about I-Don't-Even-Know-What-Yet. Cause guess what guys? I didn't plan this post. I usually give it some thought, but no. Not today. We are doing something new! So basically I am gonna tell you about my night... 
Yes, This disgusting face was involved in my night. Be jealous. 
My boyfriend made me watch a zombie apocalypse movie (why yes, I did have to Google how to spell apocalypse). It turned out pretty good though, at least now I have a #1 on my list of shittiest movies ever. Anyway, I ended up saying "if I don't learn how to drive a stick we would totally die if we did have a zombie apocalypse!" WORST. MISTAKE. EVER(in my whole life). At ten o'clock last night I was driven to the back of Hobby Lobby's parking lot and pretty much forced to try. Eric says it went well... which technically I only killed it like 8 times. SO maybe he was right. Then I got to thinking, if this was a actual life or death situation I could probably do it. Cause people do crazy shit all the time when put in a life or death situation! So basically I gave up, and will not try again until I am being chased by a red eyed-bloody mouthed-flesh eating zombie. But if that does happen, I do have 3 extra spots in my getaway car. I'm accepting applications :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is why I should never be alone with my thoughts

Today my IPhone decided to be the piece of crap that it is, and deleted all my music for no good reason. So while I was driving home from work I had to pull out one of the cd's my best friend Sheila made me. One cd she made was labeled "old school mix"and it is exactly what it advertised itself to be, very old school. I really enjoy one particular song:

So this got me thinking, one Christmas all I ever-did-want was a Ginger Spice barbie! OH, she was just my favorite! She wasn't all skanky like Baby Spice whom everyone seemed to love, but she was edgy enough for my liking when I was in third grade. Yes, I was a very edgy third grader... ask my mom. Anyway I DID get the Ginger Spice Barbie and I just remember how it changed my life! I think I grew into a better person because of it. For real, I could be a bank robber or something but thankfully my mom got me my barbie so I am not out damaging society. 

Here it is... the reason I'm such a cool cat today. 

Then as I continued to drive I couldn't help but wonder... What happened to Ginger Spice? The one who changed my life 10 years ago? So I did what any normal human would do, I Goggled her name. Seems she has been up to some very big things... like she was on ONE episode of Dancing with the Stars. If that wasn't enough she was also on ONE American Idol Episode.I don't understand how I missed all these big roles she has had lately. Maybe it's because of my busy work/school schedule. But I will make a vow to you Ginger Spice.... I will personally make a better effort to watch your guest appearances on shows about washed up stars. Only because your edgy attitude and badass Barbie changed my life. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top 5 Reasons I choose to have my dog instead of children

  • My dog likes to sleep as much as I do! Sometimes (on a good weekend) I like to sleep 12-13 hours, and I still have to drag her out of bed. 
  • You can leave them at home alone when you go out, without worrying about knives or the oven.
  • They don't talk back (normally)
  • They take multiple VERY long naps during the day, without even being asked.
  • They always love to snuggle and will NEVER grow out of it into some horrible teenager that will resent everything you have ever done for them. 

Parents,while your fighting the battles of puberty I will be at home feeding my dog treats and watching her happily fetch the same toy she has loved for years (without complaints). While your daughter is going out on dates with a man who looks to be in his late 30's riding a Harley, I will be watching my dog take her third nap of the day right under my feet. When your son is out with his rowdy friends trying to light things on fire, I will be sleeping in bed with a dog who doesn't need to be told 50000 times to "JUST GO TO SLEEP". Maybe in a few years I will grow the patience to have my own child. Until then I am just gonna enjoy my job, then come  home to my quiet house with my cuddly dog. :) 

*This in NO WAY speaks badly of children, I LOVE kids! In my own way I think Zoey is my child! Its just a funny tidbit I came up with off the top of my head so for all of you who could potentially spin this the wrong way... don't. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That One Jerk Part 2

I swear my life gets crazier everyday, basically I think my teacher wants me to kill myself. We all know ([That one Jerk]) that I told you about a few weeks ago (if not read that link). Well he got way WORSE! I have told all my facebook friends about it, but if you aren't my facebook friend then I will give you a few updates:
  • September 6th-A guy in my class actually called himself a celebrity for his knowledge of vinyl records... This is gonna be a long day
  • September 8th-Mr. Celebrity answered his phone during class. I guess when your famous you can do things like that.
Anyway this would be my status from today:
  • I'm sure my teacher hates me, she paired me with Mr. Celebrity for our midterm project.
So basically she either thinks I am the only one in the whole wide world that won't tell him how OBNOXIOUS he is or she wants me to die. I haven't decided yet. I will contemplate both these choices as he repeatedly tells me how lucky I AM that he was put in my group. Yep, lucky me :) 

Friday, September 9, 2011

This may or may-not prove that I am adopted

Im so excited! Eric and I are going out of town within the next hour! Well not like "vacation" out of town but the Don't Call-Don't text-No internet service kinda out of town, which is great for a girl like me who is glued to the internet in 95% of my free time. (a way to know your old is if your saying "kids are always on the internet these days") in that case you shouldn't be reading this.. PLUS I have 2 online classes so you can shut your mouth! Cause I am always doing online assignments when I'm online! yeah! well after I check facebook, my email, my blog, other peoples blogs, coupons, the weather, and the news. Then I'm all about homework, well unless someone talks to me on chat. I cant chat and do homework. But other then those few simple things I'm totally focused on homework. Anyway, I'm leaving till Sunday but I needed to leave you with a bit of humor that may or may-not prove that I am adopted. 

My dad's facebook status from yesterday-
i want to wish kathy my wife good luck in her new ass manager job at mobile next week,go  get them kathy

Yes my dad called his wife an ASS MANAGER. Your welcome and have a good weekend.

-By the way Kathy Good luck at your assistant manager position, this in no way makes fun of you or the way you manage asses.  

Monday, September 5, 2011

All aboard the crazy train

I don't know how the conversation took this turn, but I feel like you need to read this conversation and help me understand exactly what happened that I missed.

Mom: Hey can I use your camera tomorrow?

Me: Why?

Mom: I'm going to the Japanese festival and I want to take pictures.

Me: Why?

Mom: What are you racist?

I'm still trying to understand what happened. In the mean time HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I LOVE YOU! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Post For The Mom's

In honor of my moms birthday (tomorrow), I decided to dedicate one of my posts to how crazy she is. My mom and I have an awesome relationship, mostly because we intentionally make fun of each other, bicker with each other, and occasionally pull awesome tricks on each other. Anyway, She is the kind of mom who loves double standards, and I know all you moms out there are like "well we can do what we want because we are MOMS and 27 hours of agonizing labor has given us that right" and I'm not disagreeing with you (mostly because I don't want you all to gang up on me with some serious angry mob mom mentality). But what I'm saying is that you say one thing, and totally mean another thing. Or worse, you say one thing but that rule doesn't apply to you. Don't worry, I plan to show you a few examples of just what I mean.

Mom: Don't leave the house with your hair wet! You are gonna get Pneumonia!

  • However, My mom takes a 4 minute shower and is out the door with a wet head like 80% of the time. 

  • If your curious, she has never had pneumonia. Obviously parents can't get pneumonia. I guess when I have children I can start threatening them with horrible sicknesses, until then I'm shit outta luck. 
Mom: Casey Don't talk to me while I'm on the phone! It's rude!

  • However my mom can call me on my cell and it goes something like this:

Mom: Oh yeah (background noise) Thanks for doing that (someone talks to her) Yeah I will be home soon (she answers someones question) Ok no I gotta go now bye. 

  • I'm pretty convinced she was at a rave, it seemed like a lot of noise for "work"
Mom: Your room is disgusting. Look at that mess in there. Do you ever clean it?

  • However, the clutter she hides under her bed is now coming out the sides. Her trash is taller than her computer desk, and the trunk of her car (she likes to call it her "office") has things she probably hasn't seen since before I was born. :)

Now, some of you may think I'm judging my mom. Don't worry I am not here to judge. I swear like a sailor some days, I procrastinate, and yes my room does need to be organized. What I'm trying to get at with this post is: I cannot wait to have a kid! I'm gonna drive it just as crazy as my mom drives me! 

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The college Girl Grocery List :)

I was going through my phone tonight and I found a note dated for July 22nd of this year. The note had my grocery list, it was as follows: 

  • spray
  • razors
  • Face Wash
  • Cover Girl
  • Hubcaps
  • Chocolate chips
  • Flossers
  • granola bars
I'm not to terribly sure what "spray" I needed but I don't think I ever got it. Clearly I was preparing for the apocalypse . Anyway If Zombies/Aliens ever take over the world I have enough stuff In my bathroom to keep at least twenty people safe. Feel free to put your name on that list. I assume spaces will fill up quickly. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One phone call from prison

So, its baby shower time again in the Stenger family:) another new addition and another baby shower! I'm not a huge fan of baby showers but for my family and close friends... I pull myself together. Anyway this evening my mom was all "Ok Casey, you fill out these two packs of invites, and I will do two so it will go fast!" notice... NOT a question. More of a "SIT DOWN AND WRITE". So I did, but as always I complained the whole time. I mumbled a bunch of things about slave labor, college not being important, my social life being ruined etc. Mostly because I just wanted to drive her insane.. and I'm really good at it. But this my friends, is not my point. My point is summed up in this conversation:

Eric calls

Eric: Yea Im not doing anything so you can come on over

Me: Sure, I will be over after my mom stops enforcing her horrible slave labor

Eric: Cool beans see you in a bit

Me: Your not even gonna ASK what I'm talking about?

Eric: Ehhhh... something tells me im gonna hear ALL about it later. Im not gonna worry about it right now. See ya later

Me: Yeah that's if I'm ALIVE later! But you don't wanna hear about THAT! 

Eric: byyeeee! :)

Awesome, I could be locked up in some sweat shop making Nikes for 12 cents an hour and my boyfriend won't care. I know who I'm NOT gonna call when I'm given one phone call from prison. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

That one Jerk

So we all know about that one jerk, you know the one who is sitting with you in an INTRO class but they seem to have so much experience that they are smarter then the teacher? Well.. It seems this semester will be full of them. Which is great! I mean, my teacher doesn't have two masters degrees so you should probably tell us about your experience working for some company I have never heard of...  as a non-paid intern. What you have to say Is so much more important than her 30 years in the field, actually... you should probably take over the class. They should probably pay you for constantly trying to teach all of us amateurs how to do things. I mean your constant babbling is SO interesting that even the teacher is okay with you interrupting her thoughts 90% of the time. .....

Okay you caught me, what I'm truly thinking is "SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH AND LET THIS LADY TALK BEFORE I COME BACK THERE AND SUCKER PUNCH YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!" Gosh it's so annoying! No your internship doesn't interest me, I actually caught myself falling asleep during parts of your constant talking. I don't care if you went to Africa and rescued refugees who were living in tents... Well actually that would be a pretty EPIC story and I would kinda think "man your cool" but no, these aren't "I fought the world and won" stories. These are, I make 10000 faxes a day and file like 900000 papers into a filing cabinet, for no money type stories. And they are BORING! School isn't my favorite thing already, so let the lady SPEAK! It's that or the sucker punch. You pick. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ugh, long day

It's been a long day. Why must we do things like continue our education? Why isn't high school enough? I mean 12 years of school is a pretty EPIC accomplishment if you really think about it. The world just keeps getting harder and harder. My child will probably have to go to college for 10 years, and not because he/she is stupid. But because the standards keep getting higher. I will have no advice to give to them either besides "school sucks. good luck." and then maybe give a cackling laugh because that would make the situation a lot cooler. Anyway, my only advice for you moms out there is to let your kids quit school and then pay the bills for them for like.... 60+ years. I mean it's only fair. You are the people who put us into this ever changing, high standards, overwhelming life! right? I figured you would agree. So case closed.


I figured you all wouldn't fall for something as dumb as that. Had to add a bit of humor to my exhausting day. My posts are seeming to get shorter as school takes over my life. So don't judge me for not posting. If you need me I will be trying to explain to my mom that she cant possibly have homework on the first day of class. Wish me luck :)