Monday, November 28, 2011

Bask in this, because it doesn't happen often.

Ummm Hi blog world. its me.It's the sick girl (again) reporting from her bed. 
I'm recovering from an awesome Thanksgiving that I ate FAR too much at. Being from an Italian family always has it's perks, such as Thanksgiving lasagna's. That's right. As always, it was fantastic.
Just a few of my cousins on Thanksgiving :)

My last post told you about the upcoming change in my life, which has now finally started to sink it's way into my brain. Since that day I have talked to A LOT of people, I mean a lot. My phone never shuts up... like ever. I wanted to address some things in this post.... I'm 21. I'm sure that's what your thinking right? We can just come out in the open and say it, it wont hurt my feelings. 21 is young. As much as I complain about how old I am, I am still at the peek of my young life. The time where I should "explore and have exciting adventures". 

You're right. I should. And I do.... Everyday. I consider everyday an adventure, I'm getting an education that some people don't get the chance to have. I have goals for myself that I reach each day. I spend time with my friends. I spend time with my family. I spend time with Eric's family. I appreciate sunsets, and sunrises(If I must). I listen to music that has meaning. The boys I watch have smiles that brighten my day. I take walks. I also have a fantastic guy in my life who treats me right.

Your right, I'm 21. But that doesn't mean I'm not mature enough to realize my goals.

 My family and I used to joke that I was going to be "the dog lady" because I never wanted to get married. I would tell my grandmother that I didn't want kids. I was going to marry myself. You think I'm kidding? Ask them. When I met Eric a lot changed. The first thing I noticed was that I was lucky and happier then I've ever been. Not many people at age 18 could say they met someone that changed the outlook of their future. I did. It doesn't take much to know that you met the love of your life. Some people notice it with the boy next door, at age 10. Some people notice at age 45, with a man in their office. I happen to notice mine, after meeting him at school. It took far too long for me to date Eric, because I was an emotional mess. He didn't deserve that. And when he asked me to marry him, I wasn't going to leave him hanging again. Not only am I NOT an emotional mess, I realize just how happy I am.

Most of the people reading this have met him a few times, and some have only seen him through pictures on this page. You haven't gotten to see the emotions that we experience with each other firsthand, but I am sure that you know the feelings, and that you have experienced it before.

Eric and I fight, not often.. but we do. In fact a few days before he proposed we were in the biggest fight of our relationship. After he proposed I said "We were just in the biggest fight of our relationship!" and he said "If that's the biggest fight we have had, I think I'm pretty lucky". It's days like that I love him most. Even when we fight, he says something that takes my breath away.

For those of you who are worried, don't be. I have an amazing family and I have learned some of the best examples from you :)

-----My next post will be back to my normal crazy ranting shit, but this week I was feeling all "EMOTIONAL" bask in it, because it doesn't happen often.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The post you have been waiting for

I had to blog tonight because:
 1)It turned out to be one of the best days of my life 
 2)I'm positive you guys miss me. ;)

My boyfriend, the wonderful guy you hear about so much on my blog proposed to me tonight. Before I answer the stereotypical questions such as "how did he propose?" "When's it gonna happen?" I wanted to share some back story and some photos that will make this as corny as possible ( i mean I only get to do this once).

Eric and I found each other at really crazy points in our lives. It took a long time in the friend zone and some serious coaxing before we finally went on our first real date. It was to a Boys Like Girls concert. That's right, that's true dedication to a woman. We also went to one of my favorite places to eat on The Hill, that also shares some of my best family memories. He enjoyed it so much that we actually got to build new memories there with his family :) He talked about how much he drives around the city with his friends, and then somehow we mysteriously got lost at 1am. I gave him directions because I knew my way around, and we didn't argue at all. I remember thinking how perfect it was that we could get lost and not argue about finding our way home. I couldn't think of a single flaw about this guy!

Now we flash forward two and a half years later, to the present day. I've found some flaws (i assume its because I've have plenty of time). He is obsessed with cowboy boots and never takes them off, it takes at least 15 minutes for him to get his wallet and shoes and make it to the car,and he actually enjoys some rap music. The amazing part is how much I love those things about him. 

So when he proposed tonight very quietly and simply (because he know its that way i would want) I was pretty surprised. Obviously, we have been together 2 years and this conversation has been had more than once, but I truly don't think you can prepare yourself enough mentally. 

We had spent the evening out with my friends and family and when we got to my house he was being a weirdo (I'm sure he would agree). I'm a chatterbox so it was hard for him to get a word in but he proposed while i was laying in my bed. He said the worlds nicest things, and to be honest that was our moment so i don't really need to share them with everyone. But it was perfect. I love Eric because he understands 1) I hate surprises 2) that though I'm dramatic, I'm very simple and have simple taste.

As for when it will happen, well this is pretty fresh. I'm about 5 hours in at this point. I want to finish school, which is around another year and a half. If there's anything my mom has taught me is that I need to achieve my goals before I I set goals for me and someone else. 

So far, people have been amazing. I couldn't ask for a better support system. The final message I want to leave you with is this... Don't plan for a wedding, plan for a marriage. It has been easy for me to dream up a cake and a dress since I was 5, but it takes a special kind of person to dream a happy healthy marriage. As for all the details, time will tell! Thanks guys :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This post comes to you after drinking the worlds largest margarita so bear with me here. I've been thinking about something these past few days that I just cant seem to understand, my preset radio stations. Let me just give you an example of the things I listen to in my car. 
3 country stations (because I rock)
a pop station (because I need to stay hip with what the young people are listening to)
Joy FM (the Christian station, because I just want to. don't judge me.)
GENX Radio (which is the most bad ass thing to ever happen to the radio)
and this is the doosey... DJ CUTTY?CUTTIE? I have no clue how to spell it but its 104.1 which is rap music.

You may be thinking "why does this matter?" well I will tell you... 
Ironically I try and trick myself into liking it by making it my last resort when all the other good stations are on commercial breaks, but I guess I cant trick my genius brain. I'm like "hmmmm country is on break. MAYBE 104.1 will have something I remotely recognize like ummm whats his name.... uhhh JAY Z?" but no. I could tell you what they do have, but then my page would have to be rated M for mature. So I will spare you the disturbing lyrics. All I will say is... no matter how drunk, tired, or confused you are... you will not trick your brain into thinking horrible music is good. The End.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Those Jeans Like Me

In honor of Rebecca Black horribly annoying song "Friday" I decided to hit you guys with another annoying song today. Your welcome.

Just remember to wear Hannah Montana type jeans. They make you cool, and all your friends will like you a lot more. It also helps if your family has enough money to buy you a horrible music video for all your friends to star in.
 "hahahaha jack my swag"

- Casey

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I think we can all learn from this

I feel so behind! I looked at my little ummmm.... whats that thing called when it tell's you how many posts you write in a month? Yeah I don't know. But whatever it is, it said I only wrote 2 posts in October! TWO! Really? Cause I feel like October was the weirdest month of my life, yet I wrote nothing. Maybe it was because I am still recovering from surgery. Like I said yesterday... I still like to blame everything on that. Its okay though, I'm entitled to it. 

These past few weeks I have had plenty of time to read, and ponder lots of life questions as I count just how many little bumps exist on my popcorn ceiling. If I didn't have some crazy form of self diagnosed ADD I would be able to tell you the exact number. Sadly, I cant. Cause I'm pretty distracted right now.

Anyway, I was watching this video yesterday. I cant even tell you about it. You would just have to watch because, I cant even be as awesome as this girl even if I tried. 

Obviously I have the worlds weirdest/awesome/craziest/supportive boyfriend. We  compliment each other mostly because we have the same ideas about how the world should work. As much as I would love to be a princess and never work in my life EVER again, That's just not in the cards for my future. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure I am okay with that. But what this video is trying to say is GET YOUR ASS UP AND DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF. Now, I am not gonna lie to you guys... I complain all the time about gender role double standards. I have a right to do that, because I work myself to death. For real. HOWEVER, I have never just expected anything from him. Ever. I even told him DEAR-GOD-DONT-BUY-ME-A-CHRISTMAS-PRESENT-THIS-YEAR. but for some reason he thinks its a trick. So Eric, if you are reading this.. its not a trick and I have people here to witness it. Just buy yourself something nice, like a gun part. I will be completely fine with that. 

My main point of this is, women need to stop being so annoying. Don't speak in code, speak English. Say what your thinking. It makes things a lot easier. Also, men aren't around to give you a free ride for life. they are here to be your partners, your backbone, and your friends. Don't take advantage. Its not a very attractive quality. - With that being said, I get down off my soap box. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Captain Charming- The Man Nurse

So I figured it was time to come back to you guys, even though I am not fully done with my I-JUST-WANT-TO-BE-NORMAL-AGAIN post surgery depression. This was my first surgery, so I'm still in the phase where I can use my recovery as an excuse to get out of things that I don't want to do. For awhile it was laundry. Thanks mom. Its pretty nifty. 

So today I was telling my sister for the first time about my scary man/cranky/rapist nurse from my post surgery blur and I realized... I forgot to tell my blog about him! (yes, I refer to my blog as a person. Don't judge me.) And the reason I wanted to tell you guys about him was because I was feeling a tad uncomfortable, and I just wanted to see if his behavior was normal. Okay, here it goes. 

So my mother, father, Kathy, and grandpa came to my surgery that day. Yes, when you are apart of my family you travel with a posse. Even if you don't want to. I had the worlds nicest people helping me get checked in, get an IV, and even help me to the bathroom. What sweethearts. Also, I didn't have to worry about anything weird happening during surgery because this wonderful woman introduced herself to me as "the woman who will sit with you just to make you feel comfortable knowing there is another female in the room". That was nice. She literally had a chair to sit in to make sure none of the all-male staff did anything I could sue them for later. I'm sure by now your thinking, "wow they covered all their bases, how did some weirdo bother you?" Well calm down. I'm getting there.

What I want you to remember through this whole paragraph is that I was drugged, like heavily drugged. It took hours/days for these memories to replay themselves. But I will start from when I woke up from surgery. If you ask my mom and dad, I woke up at about 10:30am. However, the first time I saw on the clock was 10:45 so I have a missing 15 minutes where I have no idea what happened. The first thing I remember was my dad telling me my dog came to visit, and I believed him. That's an example of how crazy I was. So basically what happened next set the tone for my whole post-op recovery, my lovely grandpa told my man-nurse that he caught him picking his nose. Not only did he tell him he witnessed his disgusting search for gold, he told all the woman nurses around us. Yeah, I know. My grandpa has no filter. So basically I had no chance. This guy hated my guts and wanted my whole family to leave. 

So within the minute I wake up, captain charming wants me to do leg exercises. ummm no? So instead of me doing them, he decided to pick my leg up and do them for me. Then, after this lovely experience I ask for drugs. I needed them. His response? "I already asked you if you wanted them and you said no" ummmmm... bring me the mother *&@(&#(@  drugs anyway. I don't think there's a time limit. So after he gave me a free bag of cheez its and a water the size of a sippy cup, he decided it was time for me to leave. Keep in mind by this point it was 10:52. I was awake for 7 minutes and it's time to leave. Good luck drugged girl, have fun in the real world. But this my friends, is not the end. This is actually the disturbing part. He proceeds to tell my mom, kathy, and family to go to the waiting room, and he closes the curtain and dresses me himself. No joke. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. I got a lousy 7 minutes, a few cheez its, and a baby cup of water and he gets to see me naked. That's the worst date I have ever been on, and I have been on some doozies. So after seeing all my goods, he puts me in a wheelchair and wheels me out some side door. When we get to the parking lot he starts getting cranky... asking "wheres your family?!?" and of course... he never told them I was leaving. Anyway... he puts my wheelchair in lock (what a sweetheart) and starts to walk inside (without me) to go get my family. Thankfully my grandpa saw me sitting out all lonely and drugged in the parking lot, so he met us out there. The captain charming decided I could probably handle getting into the car alone. :) 

Yes my friends, he is gonna make a lucky lady SO happy one day. 

So what I'm asking is, Is this normal? Cause I totally wrote about this on the entire back of the survey page. 
Feel free to let me know if I am just psycho. It wouldn't be the first time I've heard it.