Sunday, August 28, 2011

One phone call from prison

So, its baby shower time again in the Stenger family:) another new addition and another baby shower! I'm not a huge fan of baby showers but for my family and close friends... I pull myself together. Anyway this evening my mom was all "Ok Casey, you fill out these two packs of invites, and I will do two so it will go fast!" notice... NOT a question. More of a "SIT DOWN AND WRITE". So I did, but as always I complained the whole time. I mumbled a bunch of things about slave labor, college not being important, my social life being ruined etc. Mostly because I just wanted to drive her insane.. and I'm really good at it. But this my friends, is not my point. My point is summed up in this conversation:

Eric calls

Eric: Yea Im not doing anything so you can come on over

Me: Sure, I will be over after my mom stops enforcing her horrible slave labor

Eric: Cool beans see you in a bit

Me: Your not even gonna ASK what I'm talking about?

Eric: Ehhhh... something tells me im gonna hear ALL about it later. Im not gonna worry about it right now. See ya later

Me: Yeah that's if I'm ALIVE later! But you don't wanna hear about THAT! 

Eric: byyeeee! :)

Awesome, I could be locked up in some sweat shop making Nikes for 12 cents an hour and my boyfriend won't care. I know who I'm NOT gonna call when I'm given one phone call from prison. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

That one Jerk

So we all know about that one jerk, you know the one who is sitting with you in an INTRO class but they seem to have so much experience that they are smarter then the teacher? Well.. It seems this semester will be full of them. Which is great! I mean, my teacher doesn't have two masters degrees so you should probably tell us about your experience working for some company I have never heard of...  as a non-paid intern. What you have to say Is so much more important than her 30 years in the field, actually... you should probably take over the class. They should probably pay you for constantly trying to teach all of us amateurs how to do things. I mean your constant babbling is SO interesting that even the teacher is okay with you interrupting her thoughts 90% of the time. .....

Okay you caught me, what I'm truly thinking is "SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH AND LET THIS LADY TALK BEFORE I COME BACK THERE AND SUCKER PUNCH YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!" Gosh it's so annoying! No your internship doesn't interest me, I actually caught myself falling asleep during parts of your constant talking. I don't care if you went to Africa and rescued refugees who were living in tents... Well actually that would be a pretty EPIC story and I would kinda think "man your cool" but no, these aren't "I fought the world and won" stories. These are, I make 10000 faxes a day and file like 900000 papers into a filing cabinet, for no money type stories. And they are BORING! School isn't my favorite thing already, so let the lady SPEAK! It's that or the sucker punch. You pick. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ugh, long day

It's been a long day. Why must we do things like continue our education? Why isn't high school enough? I mean 12 years of school is a pretty EPIC accomplishment if you really think about it. The world just keeps getting harder and harder. My child will probably have to go to college for 10 years, and not because he/she is stupid. But because the standards keep getting higher. I will have no advice to give to them either besides "school sucks. good luck." and then maybe give a cackling laugh because that would make the situation a lot cooler. Anyway, my only advice for you moms out there is to let your kids quit school and then pay the bills for them for like.... 60+ years. I mean it's only fair. You are the people who put us into this ever changing, high standards, overwhelming life! right? I figured you would agree. So case closed.


I figured you all wouldn't fall for something as dumb as that. Had to add a bit of humor to my exhausting day. My posts are seeming to get shorter as school takes over my life. So don't judge me for not posting. If you need me I will be trying to explain to my mom that she cant possibly have homework on the first day of class. Wish me luck :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some things just aren't meant to be questioned

So, the summer has officially ended. Yes, the work has already begun. I am taking a class where I get to watch movies. How cool is that? Pretty cool right? No. At least not yet. The first movie I had to watch was horrible, boring, and old. Hopefully he picks a cool one next time (not likely to happen but I can always dream). School is also in full swing for the boys and they seem to be enjoying it as much as little boys can enjoy sitting at a desk all day. I'm happy they get some time apart to hangout with other people, and branch out with new friends. 

Eric and I have been driving each other bonkers all weekend, mostly cause our conversations go something like this:

Me: What did you get an NRA membership for? 

Eric: Well it was only $35 dollars

Me: You actually had to pay for it?

Eric: Uh yeah

Me: What do you get for this $35?

Eric: Ummm that magazine for a year

Me: Oh and the bumper sticker?

Eric: No actually I had to pay extra for that

Me: So you basically pay $35 dollars a year for a magazine?

Eric: No I pay $35 a year for a peace of mind.

Me: Stunned silence (doesn't happen often)... Alright I guess I'm done talking about this now.

I'm going to assume this is a "man thing" that I will just never understand and leave it like that. Some things are just not meant to be questioned. Well mostly things about guns aren't supposed to be questioned.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

SpitFlops and a Weirdo Toe

Yes my friends, I will talk about anything on this blog including my toes. Sometime this week I got a mysterious bite that turned from something small into something hideously scary. My little baby toe has grown like four sizes in the past 24 hours. I put it in tennis shoes today and I walked with a limp. My mother seems to think it is a spider bite but since I am not in complete pain (due to it going numb like 12 hours ago) I feel like I can suck it up. Unless it needs to be amputated, then I will cry like a little girl. My boyfriend chased me around with a knife all night (no he doesnt do this..... often) because he said I just need to pop it! gross right? I'm glad you understand how disgusting he is :)
I figured you would rather see pictures of the flip flops then the toe. 

Anyway, my point being I had to wear flip flops today. I hate wearing flip flops because recently they have turned into something else, I like to call them SpitFlops. The people I nanny for have a ginormous dog who.. god love him drives me crazy like 90% of the time. He also loves this little game called hide Casey's flip flops.  I can't tell you how much time the boys and I waste looking around the house for them! So he gets his spit all over them and hides them in a corner.. then I wipe them off and put them back on. When I leave, I go to Erics ... now in this house his dog actually likes to EAT the SpitFlops. I guess he smells his friend, and I'm pretty positive they send dogs messages on how to drive me crazy. Usually Eric's dog sniffs them, licks them, and then eats chunks off of them. Its really become quite the game in my life with these two dogs. I think the irony of this situation is that I have replaced my flip flops THREE times and none of them occurred at my own home with my own dog :)
I'm Team Zoey all the way! 

This blog comes to you from..

Someone who is soda free! Yes my lovely blog friends, It has taken 5 days to get over the shock but I have done it. I'm not sure I ever intend to go back! My mind feels a bit clearer and I FEEL a lot better. Meaning I don't stop by the gas station every morning and crawl in to get my daily fix. I'm feeling good which finally means I can get into a workout habit that suits me, instead of wanting to vomit on the floor every time I move. This diet has taught me a lot! Although I wanted to strangle my sister and Amanda for having popcorn in front of me at the movies, I didn't have any :) yes that is will power.

Today is Jenn's baby shower so I must go, just know I won't be drinking any sodas!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I just don't have time!

I have just been so busy, to start... Eric actually had a half day at work yesterday! He NEVER gets time off so we spent the day together. That would be why I didn't feel up to the "blogging" thing. Well that, and he thinks it's pretty annoying so I try to keep it to my free time (for my sake).

Anyway, Eric got a new ringtone for when I call and I was all "That is so super cute!" I was really impressed cause If you just listen to the words It seems so adorable. But then I watched the video

The song my boyfriend tricked me with! <------ click here to see it

Basically my boyfriend thinks I'm a psycho. I believe at one point there is a straight jacket mentioned. I understand though, cause I cannot deny my craziness. Probably cause I'm still coming off the soda and junk food. My anger stemmed from me giving him tons of credit for such an "adorable" song. Yeah, I should have known better.

Pray for my sanity! 

P.S. today is My best friends Birthday!!! So tell her Happy Birthday right (HERE)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Really? Squash?

So today has been an emotional roller coaster. Mostly because I had to give up my Crack habit (soda). No I don't do crack, calm down

           These are the stages of my day:

  • Crankiness-"no Kevin I did not have fun at Trader Joe's! your so annoying! leave me alone I haven't had any soda! JEEZ!"
  • Headache- Curtains closed, Ice pack on head, complaining until I fall asleep
  • Nausea- Trying not to throw up on anyone/anything that chooses to be near me
  • Complaining- "I want real food! White castle looked SO good on the way home! this is no way to live! It is impossible!"
  • Bargaining- "Eric how about I just get a two liter bottle of soda? then I will just drink a small glass to celebrate making it a whole day!"
  • Pouting- Fine, I will do it but I don't like it one bit!
  • Sleeping- It always makes everything ok :)

I should tell you guys that I have survived, with an extra special love for Almond Butter. Tomorrow we will be trying a Spaghetti Squash and hopefully it doesn't taste as disgusting as it sounds. 
Please just support me by saying how good it looks.
Sunday we will be celebrating my sister's birthday at Cheeburger Cheeburger and I WILL be using a flex-day so everyone can shut their mouths because I don't want to hear it. The idea of Sunday is the only thing helping me through the week.  No really, shut up... I can hear you judging me.

P.S. I'm feeling much better now.But something tells me this process will repeat itself tomorrow.

First Day Of School

Well, I sent the boys off to their first day of school, and man were they excited! I was asked about 20 times "when do we get to go to school" in every variation of that phrase that is possible. And to my surprise ALL the parents were there! Any other day, its just me and one other person wrangling all the munchkins. I was concerned some of them didn't have parents.  But these parents were excited, nothing was bringing them down today, they were gonna get dressed and watch as these kids went off for eight hours on that magical bus. There were a lot of exchanges of the adults (more like mummers) such as.. what will you do with your free time? It will be so nice to relax! Oh really, you went there this summer too? was it 90000 degree's and did they throw themselves on the ground like our trip? Meanwhile I am watching Bill Nye and Mr. Positive pick bugs off the leaves nearby and I'm thinking they are growing up to fast! Seriously, when did they get that tall?  As I'm having this sad moment another parent says "man, they both got tall." ummm thanks, now I really will burst out crying. But I didn't, I held it together because they ARE growing up and I don't want to embarrass them by being the only person there who wants to keep them home, and hug them all day saying "you're never growing up". 

I didn't get all fancy with this post because my body is in withdraw right now from not eating yummy food or drinking soda. So basically I have been laying in the dark with ice on my head all afternoon. During my nap Eric called and I might have compared my symptoms with that of someone who is coming off drugs. Needless to say not only does he think I am dramatic, but I don't think he wants to come anywhere near me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Please, Just don't take the bread!

So It's that time of year again folks, the time when you look at your lazy ass in the mirror and realize... all the ice cream you ate this summer has gone right to your (fill in all the places you think look disgusting). For me its right to my stomach, and no I am not being dramatic so shut your mouth! Anyway, my badass cousin is helping me whip my huge butt into shape. To start I'm gonna stop eating like Jennifer Hudson before weight watchers, which is way easier said than done. I promised I would track it on my blog for those Out-of-towners that are curious :) So tomorrow I shall make one giant trip to Trader Joe's to get all the things I will need for this Paleo Diet. If you aren't familiar with it, basically its taking everything you like (mmmm bread) and throwing it right into the garbage can. :( Oh bread I will miss you so!
Please, Just don't take the bread!
I told Eric tonight I was at the "hottest" point of my life when I met him and he has ruined it. Anyway, we have now added nightly walks to our routine. Oh, I failed to mention that we will be dieting together. Cause he is just that awesome... :) Check back in a few days to make sure I haven't died watching my brother gulp down an entire pizza. Also, don't invite me out to eat. I will hate you, and it's just really not funny. 

Ok, so basically I will keep ya'll updated for the next 30 days about how slow and painful my death is. 

I'm gonna need a moment..

So tomorrow Bill Nye and Mr. Positive BOTH head back to school. Bill will be a third grader and Mr. Positive will be in first grade, and I think they have pretty mixed emotions about it. (Meaning, if they had NO work and got to hangout with friends all day, in one big classroom then they would be thrilled) Sadly, the world knocks on your door when you are 5 and invites itself inside... until you are just about dead. Anyway, I have been pretty good with the idea the past few days....then finally today it hit me, Mr. Positive is going to FIRST GRADE! oh my goodness!

 Will the kids be nice? Will he like it? Do they still take naps? Will he know some of the kids from his class? Will he have fun? This is so stressful! I need to calm down.... 

but then Bill Nye is going to third grade and I hated that grade most of all! Will his teacher be nice? Will the kids be nice? Will he make new friends!? and OMG will he like it? will this change his whole outlook on school!? Will he hate school?! Oh no! Bill Loves to learn! He can't hate school! 

Oh JEEZ this is too much! I think I'm going to crawl into a corner in the fetal position and not come out till they have graduated college. Anyway, if you see a girl curled up into a ball crying at the bus stop, you will know it's me. 

I'm gonna need a moment... 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Typical Girl Statements

Have you ever done/said something to purposely make someone feel guilty? Well then congratulations, you are a woman! Hey, it's not your fault. You were born to talk and act that way. Blame your parents, its what i usually do. Anyway, here are some very typical things I heard growing up:

"Oh, it's fine. You don't want to spend time with me I understand."
"No, I get it you are just to cool for me."
"I don't fit into your busy schedule"
"You just don't want to talk to me"
or my personal favorite on a car ride to Chicago that I got up EXTRA early for because I knew my mom was to nice to tell me she wanted to leave early... "Why are you sleeping? do you not want to talk to me?"

These my friends, are what Eric and I like to call "typical girl statements" and they are banned from our relationship. Does this mean we don't bicker? Absolutely NOT. Actually, just this evening I thought I was going to have to kill him cause he was being a super big smart ass. (go figure)

This is pretty similar to how I looked/acted. With a little more yelling.

 if my crazy side comes out (like usual) he says something like "YOU ARE BEING SUCH A TYPICAL GIRL RIGHT NOW" or "WAS THAT A TYPICAL GIRL STATEMENT?" and then I kinda snap back into reality like... "Oh that's right I'm trying to NOT be a crazy psycho today"....

Beware:You will cry your eyeballs out

Oh! I am just SO behind on my blogs, mostly cause I think I have ADHD or something and my Glee obsession is NOT helping. I love the Glee Project, (I hate Lindsey!)  and since my boyfriend came home last night I thought it would be rude to watch it while he was trying to tell me about his trip. So I'm watching it now... and plus I have this thing called a JOB that I almost forgot I had, because I was off 5 out of 7 days last week. So anyway, I was driving home from work today and I was just jamming to Craig Morgan. (I was that girl you laugh at when your stopped at a stop light) Then this song came on that changed my whole mood, but it was like a bad car accident so I just had to keep listening. Then I cried all the way home like a goofball. I'm just gonna blame it on lack of sleep to make myself feel like less of a wimp.

Ok I'm going to pretend I didn't just watch the video and cry even harder just cause I hope there's still a chance you might click on it and watch.

My family must think I am super weird because I always listen to songs like this, read books about serial killers, and watch movies that everyone dies. I wonder if that says something about my personality? Probably just that I'm AWESOME.

I am still working on ideas for how I get my mom back for her little trickery yesterday that was full of hate. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. As for now, I should probably get Zoey outside (or let her pull me outside) and sneak in a nap before Eric gets done fishing and wants to go rock climbing or some other crazily energized thing that nobody other than him would want to do after an 8 hour day at work. Speaking of which, The boys go back to school Weds, so I should actually have time (and energy) to post between my multiple naps. Meanwhile, check out my friend Sheilas new blog (here) and please don't judge the photos of her room, she cannot help her hoarding obsession :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is why he is the best:)

So as we all know, Eric came home today. I'm sure everyone's happy to hear that cause your probably tired of my complaining. He did come bearing gifts :) which makes me happy of course and since I wrote a post on my gift guessing, I wanted to show you just how wrong I was.
Item number one:
Wine! He got it at the winery that they visited. It's very tasty and I would know because whats missing from that bottle is in my cup right now :)

and item number 2:
A shirt that he picked out by himself (with no help) and it actually fits :)
Come on now ladies, how often does a man buy you something that actually fits? Not often. But he did, so I'm giving him some serious recognition. Now for the wine... It is great! He kept telling me to "check my nose" before I drink it which could mean various things, from a drug reference to a kleenex suggestion. Turns out he's all fancy now from his wine tour. Hope he isn't to cool to binge drink with me on my 21st birthday. Just kidding :)... Or not.

Gerald, Please forgive me.

Today was probably the funniest yet sad day of my life. Usually I like to leave the funny for last and hit you with the sad first, but in order to help you understand I think I will have to switch it up. So, yesterday I introduced my mother to Gerald, my troll doll that is dressed like a cowboy (see past post). She looked at me like she was ready to have me committed. Needless to say she hated him, and even asked if they paid me to take him. :( So I figured, how great would it be to scare the crap out of her with him? I mean what use does he have besides sitting in my room? So today I put the plan into action... I waited till she wasn't around and went out side to put him in her car. :) yes I did! 
Dont worry I buckled him in!
I knew she had a wedding shower to go to today so I planned the timing out really good. Let me tell you, she was NOT a happy lady when she found him. If I know my mother as well as I think I do, she probably told all those people at the shower. She probably even asked for advice on how to get me back. When she came home she did not bring Gerald with her. I was very curious because I knew my mom wouldn't just throw him away like she said she did. I knew he had to be hiding somewhere so I went on a hunt. Sadly, I found Gerald tied to my shift knob in the car.... by the neck. Yeah, that's no way to treat your grandchild. So I'm basically writing this to whoever is working on her team, cause this is WAR!

P.S. I didn't feel comfortable taking a picture of Gerald strangled to death in the car. I'm still recovering. 

Thanks for being here to witness this defeat.

So, its finally Sunday which means ERIC COMES HOME! I'm not even excited about the presents he's bringing me, cause he keeps making me guess and I am not very good at guessing. Oddly enough I find myself guessing a lot of food items cause what else do they have in Branson? But he kept saying No. And I dont really like that word so I kinda wanted to stop guessing. Then I was all "omg I know! Its one of those necklaces with my name on rice!" and of course he was all "how the hell would I get your name on a grain of rice?" and to be completely honest... I don't really know how they do it. But I know for sure I have seen it done before.
This is my proof Eric. 
Even my mom knows about this rice situation, I asked her. So that's two people that think I am right. Now that I have proved my point I can go on with my life. Thank you blog readers to be here to witness this defeat.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

And this my friends, is why you just gotta love kids!

Thursday all I could think about was puppy chow, and when I have a craving I take it very seriously. I was working and so I had a little chat with Bill Nye about it:

Me: Hey have you guys ever had puppy chow?

Bill Nye: No. I dont eat dog food. I think its what we feed the dogs though.

Me: No.. Im talking about the snack for humans.

Bill Nye: No I dont eat dog food.

Me: ok but it's not dog food. It has peanut butter and chocolate. we make it here for us to eat.

Bill Nye: Do we feed it to the dogs? 

At this point I thought It may be best to talk to Mr. Positive

Me: Hey have you ever tried puppy chow?

Mr. Positive: No but we feed it to Freddy

Me: Ugh, no I mean the human snack It has peanut butter and chocolate?

Mr. Positive: Oh so we make it and then give it to the dogs?

Clearly we all see how this was going so I decided to put them in the car to go get the supplies. All the while the boys kept talking in the backseat about how they refuse to eat dog food. I think I replied with things like "well after you see it, I'm sure you will want some... but if not more for me:)"
(clearly not dog food)
 So we get all the supplies and head to the check out where a very nice (but odd) man was working the register. He saw the very obvious ingredients and got SUPER excited. He kept telling the boys how wonderful puppy chow was. At first I wanted to thank him for backing me up but then he started making this very weird slurping sound and he talked to us for far to long. Even right now I can still hear him slurping.. gross right? So we get back to the house and Bill Nye wanted nothing to do with the actual preparing of the food because he had just gotten new bug books at the library. So it was me and Mr. Positive in the kitchen and he seemed to be kind of coming around to the idea. Finally snack time arrives and I cannot wait to have them try it! When they finally do, after smelling it and doing various other visual tests... They love it! Yay! Great right? yeah, not so much... cause  guess what they said? 

"That guy at the store was right! this is so good!"
And this my friends, would be why you just gotta love kids!

Why my dog is evil.

So let me explain why I think my dog is evil, yesterday while getting ready to take a trip to grandpa's house Zoey got of her leash... yes she did. I know what all you dog owners out there are thinking, something probably like "Oh, CRAP!" and that would be the correct response. I'm pretty sure I should enter this dog in the Doggie Olympics (does it exist?) cause she is extremely fast (at least faster than I am in flip flops). Anyway, she starts running towards a wooded area and of course me being mom-like, I was concerned she was gonna get poison ivy. So as I'm running down a hill I FALL face first into the ground, seriously... my face hit the dirt. My pants that I JUST put on have grass stains that are in pretty questionable areas, and my face has MUD on it. But wait... It gets better, as I'm pulling myself up from the ground my brother just walks right up, bends over, and says "come here Zoey" and you know what? She DOES! Now, I've been told by parents that kids always wanna go with the "cool uncle" but the kids usually don't knock their moms down into the dirt first. So I think she just wanted to race or play tag. Well it's that, or she is evil. 

This is what she did when she got to grandpa's house, she doesn't share the fan very well. I wouldn't either if I just sprinted faster than Charlie Sheen to a crack house.

Whats cuter than a troll dressed as a cowboy? That's right, nothing.

I'm sure the title of this blog has confused the crap out of everyone, but I needed it to be catchy cause this day was SUPER exciting! But before I tell you about my new addition, I want to start at the beginning. It's all kinda fuzzy right now cause I'm overwhelmingly exhausted so try to stay with me. So, this morning my friend sheila and I were all like "what should we do today?" Clearly we figured it out cause this was the best day since... EVER.  We went to the Pevely Flea Market! Yay us!
No sheila, I didn't lie to you. I wasn't taking a picture when you asked "you aren't taking a picture are you?" I waited like 3 more seconds, then I took a picture :)

I'm sure you can tell that she was enjoying herself cause we both love records! Sadly, I didn't make the proper jeans choice today because of my demon dog (check back for a blog about this later) so I didnt want to get on the ground and give the Pevely Flea Market people that kinda show.  Anyway, we were just walking around when I saw him, the most perfect little troll face I ever-did-see ...

So, meet my newest addition... Gerald. Please tell me whats cuter than a troll dressed as a cowboy? That's right, nothing.
Needless to say my heart hurt that this adorable little guy was just sitting there with no troll friends, so i just had to buy him. The shop owner seemed pretty sad to let him go, but not sad enough cause she still stuffed his body into a bag. I DID text this photo to Eric, saying "my new friend" and "Miss you!" but I have yet to get a response either he did get the Planet of the Apes virus, or he is ignoring my craziness till he gets home. I think we all know which one it is. :)

P.S. I have another blog coming shortly about why I think my dog is the devil, so check back cause obviously this day was SO exciting that I need a nap! :) a guilt free, NappyPants nap!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I just realized how lame I am.

So, its day 2 of my boyfriendless weekend. I just realized how lame I am. I talked to him on the phone earlier and told him about my boring life, and his response? "You should go rent some movies or something" well thank you babe for your permission/idea, I went to Family Video and my brain almost exploded all over the floor.
I walked around for like 30 minutes and realized... I cant make a decision to save my life. I left with 13 dollars worth of movies to watch in 24 hours. I have a feeling my future is full of very epic late fees. The moral of my post is, I would rather watch Hurt Locker on Valentines Day (again) than ever make a decision alone again. 

Lazy Day!

So today I'm totally feeling like that Lazy song by Bruno Mars. It's great cause I am off of work and doing nothing, and since Eric isn't around he can't make me feel super crappy about it. I should note that he doesn't intentionally try to make me feel crappy about it, he just uses his own form of subliminal messaging that somehow makes me change my complete outlook on the day... and then I force myself to get up because now I'm feeling like a giant POS. Mostly because by the time I am ready to do anything he has already worked a whole day, been to the bank, and ate dinner. At this point I'm still watching reruns of Gilmore Girls in bed and my major accomplishment for the day is that I took a shower :). Also I should mention he got to Branson safely and because he is wonderful, he has been texting me so I don't have a nervous breakdown. 

This is how I feel right now.
Anyway, I missed a HUGE important event in my blog yesterday! It was my sister Ashly's 22nd birthday! I was super excited for her and it's not even because once her birthday passes mine comes super fast!(48 days!) It's cause I think birthdays are SO fun! Plus, we grew  up in the same grade. We have shared lockers, a bedroom, and even walked together at our high school graduation. Yeah, I know "were lucky" and if you talk to us about how lucky we are, on certain days we MAY even agree with you. Although when we were kids we could never agree on NSYNC or  Baskstreet Boys, who got what Barbie, or where to have our joint birthday parties, now we disagree on more grown-up things, cause lets face it... we are old! Happy Birthday Ashly! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coupon Crazy

So, tonight I hung out with my best friend in the world. Sheila is the craziest girl I have ever met in my life, and thankfully we are exactly alike. We pride ourselves on our no bullshit personalities, and we are always honest if we think the other is being a complete idiot. Anyway, every Thursday is our designated "girls night" mostly because I can tell by Thursday Eric really doesn't want to listen to my constant babbling. It works out great because its a lot easier to talk to someone who isn't watching Sons of Guns over my shoulder.


We are both obsessed with being clean and organized. This is a conversation we had this evening that is pretty typical..

Me: Yeah I carry a magic eraser in my purse, I like to clean places that people wouldn't even notice. You know the bottom of the sliding glass door? where the door slides over? That's my favorite. 

Sheila: I know, when I'm pissed I like to scrub all the nooks and crannies and I feel so good afterwards. It's weird I know.
Me: No trust me, I understand where your coming from
She would have a nervous breakdown without her coups. 

Until I met sheila, I never used coupons. Now she basically forces me with guilt. I order off the coupon page when I'm with her at Steak N Shake just because she's my best friend. Oh, and I don't want her to have a nervous breakdown and die.

P.S. I love you Sheila  :)

Stupid is as stupid does

So if there's one thing that truly bothers me, its cars like this:
Being "customized" to look like this:

I feel like a normal Neon is just, Ehhh whatever. But when you put wings, custom paint, rims, and dice in the mirror, unless your Fresh Price it totally takes 50 steps down on the cool meter.All of them look just as stupid as the rest.

You wouldn't take things like this:
and make them "custom" like this:
Or even something like this:

and make it look as gaudy as this:

Or maybe you would, cause obviously people do it. I weep for humanity.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boo for Branson!

I wanted to make one big, "you suck" shout out to Branson, Mo. Yeah, thats right... I hate you. Not only are u full of things I don't like such as Roller Coasters and tourist traps, you are stealing my boyfriend for 4 days!
Stupid roller coasters.
Yeah, you've just moved up on my hatred list right behind lettuce. I'm sure all of you reading this are thinking "its four days you giant wimp!" But let me explain something, I have never thrown myself in front of a car if he wants to hang out with his friends without me. I am more than considerate when it comes to manly things such as fishing, shooting,and bars with "the guys". The problem is, I'm addicted to texting and should probably get some sort of intervention one day.  
This is not me, but I am equally as crazy as this girl.

Sadly since nobody has took it upon themselves to intervene, I'm still crazy and expect texts from a guy who "hates texting" (which i didn't think was possible). So basically if I don't hear from him for a few hours I get crazy thoughts in my head like..Maybe he got the virus from Planet Of The Apes and since I wasn't there to recognize it for him he probably died. Hopefully someone in the Branson area has stopped eating Salt Water Taffy for 90 minutes of their life and went to see the movie so they can recognize bloody sneezes as the sign of this very deadly virus. 
I added this ONLY because I know he will want to kill me. And because he's the best boyfriend ever :)

For the love of my job!

Currently since I am still a student, I am working as a nanny for a splendid family. I truly mean that... I know lots of people in this world hate their jobs but not me. I watch two boys, and for the sake of the families saftey I will be giving them codenames. Bill Nye is 8 years old (he is the true "science guy") and he can tell you facts about anything in the world and often has to correct me about anything related to animals. Mr. Positive is 6 and he is always happy about something. This afternoon for lunch we had mac and cheese and cheez its, he thanked me because he got a "big cup" and because "cheez its are his favorite chip ever". Not only have I relearned Pokemon, they have also taught me that staying home with kids is a lot more damanding then people think! No really, I mean it. My grandma had 8 kids, and to be honest I dont know how she survived.
We do some pretty cool things together. This is going to be a poisonous dart frog when Bill Nye decides he wants to work on it again.

Anyway, I spend all my free time in the summers with the boys, which is great because at the end of the day I get to go home and soak in some peace and quiet. I love them, and they are an extended part of my family, but sometimes a girl needs some relaxation time ... Oh wait. That's when Eric decides that it's time to be energetic. No wonder I am Miss NappyPants!

Yeah I talk to my dog. So what? You talk to your infant.

It is known around my house that I ask my dogs opinion on everything. I feel like if you can talk to your newborn baby I can ask my dog what t shirt looks best in the morning. Here's a glimpse at why my brother thinks I'm a psychopath (other than the obvious reasons)

Kevin: I'm making dinner if you want some

Me: what do you think Zoey?

Kevin: do you always ask your dogs opinion?

Me: what do u think Zoey? Do I always ask your opinion? Uhhh... I mean no I don't.

Kevin: ok well it looks like you just did.

Me: No I didn't! Did I Zoey? Oh! Dammit!

For all of you that are judging me right now, remember the crazy people that make annoying sounds to drooling babies in front of you at the grocery store. At least I have the decency to be annoying at home.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The two loves of my life :)

Ok, in this post I plan to tell you as much as I can about the two most wonderful things to ever happen to me!

This is Eric, Wonderful thing Number 1. We've been together 2 years on September 26th. He's pretty great mostly because I can torture him with all my annoying qualities and he still doesn't try to kill me. A few nights ago I told him I was gonna practice the techniques I would use If I was ever kidnapped, so basically I abused him for like an hour straight and he didn't try to "accidentally" punch me in the face or anything. Then to top it off, I walked around the house telling everyone I beat him up. Yeah, that's right he has more patience than anyone I have ever met. I think it's super awesome cause I have NONE. He is the first person to catch my wrath when I'm stuck in traffic, i don't get enough sleep, or when I am hungry. And those days take up about 85% of my life. 

I should probably mention that every time I ask him if we can take a picture it kills a part of his soul, he HATES pictures! But clearly, he does these things to make me shut up... so I am very grateful.

We are not an "average" couple. Being in the room with us is like being at the circus (not that I know what thats like) but im sure we compare to the horrible clowns that throw pies in each others faces but still hug it out when the shows over? Maybe, I dont know. It was just a thought.  

This is Zoey, my wonderful thing Number 2. I adopted her from animal control in Feb. She is awesome because I can talk to her and I look way less weird than when I'm talking to myself. I spend more money on toys, food, and treats for Zoey then I do on myself. 

Sadly, Zoey had to get all of her hair cut off yesterday. She is very embarrassed (or cold) and spends most of her time pouting now. So Erics mom let her borrow some doggy shirts. :)

My First Post!

SO... I was looking around at some blogs today and I kept thinking "I could totally do that". So here I am :) I figured I would spend my first post helping you understand why I picked the title NappyPants. Like mostly everything that I will talk about in this blog, its an inside story with my boyfriend Eric and I. Since we have been together he has had a hard time adjusting to my midday naps. I being a normal human, like to enjoy a wonderful afternoon nap on occasion (like 6 times a week) and he would rather be killed than ever sleep during the day. Anyway, my love of naps has earned me the title of NappyPants and I wear the ever-childish name proudly because honestly, if i didn't take naps... Eric would probably be dead by now. He has more energy than anyone I have ever met. After staying two extra hours at work this evening he still took me fishing in the 90 degree weather. We spent 2 hours standing on the side of the Meramec and didn't catch a damn thing. To some (meaning me) this might be annoying. Mostly because I hate sweating, I hate bug bites, and I have spent enough time with a certain smart 8 year old to know what a snake hole looks like. But, to my ever positive and energetic boyfriend it was just another peaceful evening by the water. :) And of course by peaceful I mean, he spent his evening cutting my line out of two different trees and untangling my mess of a line... As I fished with his pole. 

This would be eric putting a new hook on for a third time. He's so nice!

             This is him casting for me because while he may be nice, he most certainly was not going to let me hit a tree for the third time.                       
This is when I finally gave up and took pictures of the trees :)