Monday, May 6, 2013

Im Graduating!

I cannot believe it. Someone pinch me (or don't). I am graduating on Saturday! I thought this day would never come. The past few years at Webster University have been amazing. I was president of PRSSA and I worked in the business department of The Journal, but I also met lifelong friends. The best friends I have ever had.

There is something to be said about finding a group of people who go through the same experiences with you day in and day out. I think I would call them sisters. This past year with my favorite group of girls has been amazing. We laugh together and when things get a bit overwhelming we cry together, which is totally okay.

Every night I get text message after text message from these ladies and I cannot help but smile (after I turn my phone off because its THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND OH MY GOSH CAN THIS WAIT TILL MORNING?). But I wouldn't change our friendship for the world, and I cannot think of better people to stand next to as I get my college diploma this Saturday.

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