Sunday, March 31, 2013

Real Life Shit.

I'm going to go out out on a limb here and assume everyone that is reading this totally hates being an adult. I know I do. Every morning when my alarm goes off I am on the verge of tears. Please tell me why I do this to myself? I mean it... please tell me why. I am actually looking for an answer.

If I was to answer it myself, I would say I have been programmed for years to wake up on my own, brush my hair, put on something other than sweatpants, and try and have a nice day. Its what my mom has been telling me for like 18 years a long time.

Everyday I wake up for one reason, I promise myself a nap later that day. No joke people, this is real life. I wake up so i can take a nap. I think to myself, I just need to get through one class, maybe a meeting or two, and a workout and then I am going to nap forever. Probably till tomorrow when I wake up regretting my life choices. It works, and it gets me through my class.

Do you ever wonder why we have to bribe ourselves to do things? Like I have to bribe myself with a nap later in the day just so I will get out of bed. I have to tell myself that if I go to the gym, I can have a cookie afterwards. If I make it to class on time, I get to put off doing homework for the rest of the week for tonight.

I totally blame this on my mom. As I tell her, kids can blame whatever they want on their parents. I think she programmed me to bribe myself. I know I wasn't a two year old with natural bargaining skills.. "yeah mom, I will go to bed early of you give me a Push Pop before dinner" I don't think so.

This had to start somewhere and it needs to stop. I can already see my future children now... "I will only go to bed early if I can watch 15 minutes extra of TV, I get an apple juice with dinner, and I dont have to eat those nasty peas you are constantly insisting I eat."

... And my mom will be there saying "karma is a bitch"

Its been awhile. Here are some photos to catch you up.

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