Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentines day?

Hey guys!

I know, I know... Its been a long time. Last time we (meaning I) spoke, It was Christmas. Then the next thing I know I'm walking through the isles at Walmart and I notice a Valentine's Day display.... no I'm not freaking kidding. I was just as shocked as you probably are, even though (sadly) Valentine's Day comes at the exact same time every year, I feel like I get caught off guard. Add that to the fact that the entire holiday is useless, and you find yourself with the sneakiest little bitch of a holiday. That's for certain. But I digress. Back to my point, I'm at Walmart (buying $50 worth of stuff that I cant even remember at this point) and I see this Valentines Day display and I quickly think of three things 1)Heart shaped peanut butter cups 2) The fact that I haven't seen my blog in over a month and 3) Valentines day has the cutest colors! 

....That's why I think I have ADHD.

Anyway! I plan on updating you about some odds and ends that I find important. If you get bored just jump to the bottom of the page, for I am sure to have witty/sarcastic comments located there. 

1) Eric and I enjoyed our first Christmas with Zoey (and our third together as a couple)! 
She was totally in the spirit! Meaning she hid in the corner the entire time.

Family Photo!

2) Started Webster University. I can't really say much cause I'm like two weeks in. However, I can say I miss my community college friends because they were super cool. You wouldn't understand. I'm not complaining.... The people at Webster have been really nice and friendly (mostly). I'm just not sure, get back with me for this one. 
3) We are moving! Yes my friends, we are moving! I can't even express my excitement, probably because you wouldn't hear me over the screaming and loud stereo systems coming from outside my window! No more fights breaking out on my street in the middle of the night (hopefully) because we will live in an actual subdivision! Not only that but.... we got to paint! Whatever color my heart desired. Which happened to be green at the time. The best part is the yard for Zoey obviously. 

You have pretty much caught up with everything I have done in the past month. My life is SO exciting, I know! Sadly, my Direct TV was shut off today because of the move, so I will just be playing Law and Order SVU reruns in my head for the next week or so. Maybe with all that free time I will blog... or do something related to college. whats that called again? oh yeah. Homework. 

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  1. Awwww such a cute little dog ^^ I can see my blog becoming a place of vile hatred on Valentines day. I really can.