Sunday, November 6, 2011

I think we can all learn from this

I feel so behind! I looked at my little ummmm.... whats that thing called when it tell's you how many posts you write in a month? Yeah I don't know. But whatever it is, it said I only wrote 2 posts in October! TWO! Really? Cause I feel like October was the weirdest month of my life, yet I wrote nothing. Maybe it was because I am still recovering from surgery. Like I said yesterday... I still like to blame everything on that. Its okay though, I'm entitled to it. 

These past few weeks I have had plenty of time to read, and ponder lots of life questions as I count just how many little bumps exist on my popcorn ceiling. If I didn't have some crazy form of self diagnosed ADD I would be able to tell you the exact number. Sadly, I cant. Cause I'm pretty distracted right now.

Anyway, I was watching this video yesterday. I cant even tell you about it. You would just have to watch because, I cant even be as awesome as this girl even if I tried. 

Obviously I have the worlds weirdest/awesome/craziest/supportive boyfriend. We  compliment each other mostly because we have the same ideas about how the world should work. As much as I would love to be a princess and never work in my life EVER again, That's just not in the cards for my future. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure I am okay with that. But what this video is trying to say is GET YOUR ASS UP AND DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF. Now, I am not gonna lie to you guys... I complain all the time about gender role double standards. I have a right to do that, because I work myself to death. For real. HOWEVER, I have never just expected anything from him. Ever. I even told him DEAR-GOD-DONT-BUY-ME-A-CHRISTMAS-PRESENT-THIS-YEAR. but for some reason he thinks its a trick. So Eric, if you are reading this.. its not a trick and I have people here to witness it. Just buy yourself something nice, like a gun part. I will be completely fine with that. 

My main point of this is, women need to stop being so annoying. Don't speak in code, speak English. Say what your thinking. It makes things a lot easier. Also, men aren't around to give you a free ride for life. they are here to be your partners, your backbone, and your friends. Don't take advantage. Its not a very attractive quality. - With that being said, I get down off my soap box. 

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  1. This was awesome, and frankly, one of the reasons I married my wife. As funny as this sounds, I'm the stay at home dad, well, minus the dad part. Since I'm a writer/blogger, I stay at home. My wife goes off to work, and I send her off. She told me she could never be a mindless housewife that just takes and takes and takes. I admire that. My brother-in-law that I've mentioned before (he's a millionaire and loves to flaunt it) was in a relationship with a girl that would make you claw your own eyes out. Could not do ANYTHING for herself. Anything. Wanted prince charming to pay for everything, to take care of everything she ever did, etc. She had a birthday party, and he spent $35,940 on it. I saw the invoice after. That's more than I make in a year. And she was upset because she only got to change her dress 3 times in the night. She wanted 4. God, I'm glad that bitch is gone.

    Long story short - you rock. We as guys love girls like you.