Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let's talk about Christmas break.

It's the shit. End of story.

.... I have been out of school like 3 days and have watched more Law and Order reruns then any normal full-time employee could ever dream of. I don't shower till about 2 in the afternoon on a productive day. I have become obsessed with pinterest, so I am constantly looking a crafts/food that I will never EVER make in my whole life. 

It's like they knew me personally when they made this.
I like to call these "college problems"
How did you know!?!
Those are just a few photos I found on pinterest that explain my life. 

Anyway, I hope your Christmas season is filled with all kinds of cool stuff.. Like cookies, Elf the movie, Chick Fil A, blankets, naps, tv marathons,wine, and more family than you really can tolerate! 


  1. Last time I was on a big break, I watched so many Law and Order reruns that my text message alert tone is now the DUN DUN when they switch between scenes. I kid you not.

    I hope your Christmas season is filled with good stuff as well, like eggnog, fat pants (with elastic waistband), A Christmas Story the movie, and awkward family arguments that end in everyone hugging!

  2. We are similar. I am obsessed with crafts and am a knitomaniac but don't let that put you off! Also be pleased you can follow the plot of Law and Order - either I'm going senile or having babies has turned my brain to mush but I can barely follow the plot to Bambi these days and before you ask no I didn't even do acid in my youth!