Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uhhh life? Is that you? It's me. Casey.

Hello world :) It's me.

Yeah me. The girl who has been dedicating far too much time to this little annoyance called "education". It's been a rough semester. This has been the most work I have ever done in my life. I'm exhausted! 

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy, and I feel like my body just cant keep up! So I went to the doctor to get some blood work, and I learned I am probably not Narcoleptic (I wish). I am just Iron Deficient. I refuse to say "anemic" because my family will be all... "we told you so" And I have A LOT of family and not enough time. Anyway, I'm on like 9 million Iron supplements daily (I will probably actually take them this time). Hopefully that will help with the "F*&@ the alarm clock mornings". Probably not, but a girl can dream. 

I also chose a major, AND a school. I'm Going to Webster (I want to steal all your money) University. :) My major will be Public Relations with a minor in Advertising. I know what you are all thinking.... I've said I want be anything from an Astronaut to a Clown. I mean it this time. I even signed up for classes. Trust me, once you pay for those classes you can NEVER look back. Hopefully I will have it paid off sometime before I die. 

I think this career choice might be good for my outgoing, non stop talking, over dramatic personality. :) 

I also would like to write a book. Lord knows I have enough crazy stuff to write about my own life. However, I don't think the world is ready for it, so that one might be put on hold. Maybe until my mom cant see well enough to read anymore, so I can save her from disappointment. Just kidding MOM! ..... kinda. 

she hates when I do homework.
Anyway, Zoey and I are doing well. She is abnormally clingy, I think she is battling Eric for my attention. Sadly neither of them get it because of that "education" thing. BUT.... the countdown is ON! after my transfer to Webster in the Spring I have a year and a half left :)
By then I'm sure Eric and Zoey will both be running for the hills!

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