Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My blog is in the Christmas spirit!

It's Christmas season here on my blog. I hate Christmas so this might be the only post you see about it (unless something dumb and Christmas related happens... which is a giant possibility). 

Here's the breakdown: I LOVE the Christmas season! Ex: Snow, eggnog, Christmas music, Christmas trees, more cookies than I could ever imagine! Oh, and I also love the birth of Jesus. He's the man, and I like his birthday.

I hate Christmas day. Three families... one Casey. Three large meals... one small stomach. Presents. I hate presents. I don't have enough time (or blog space) to talk about my hatred of presents so please just trust me. I also hate surprises. Overall you can just see its not a good holiday for me.

Anyway... below is my list of shit I hope to do before Christmas. I wont be posting one for "things I wish to accomplish for after Christmas" because that would simply be... 1)sleeping 2) working out.... to lose the flat tire that will no doubt form around my stomach area. 

List of things I hope to accomplish before I die Christmas:

  • Do all my Christmas shopping online so I don't have to interact with psycho moms that "JUST NEED THE LEAPSTER SO BAD! MY TOMMY'S CHRISTMAS WILL BE RUINED WITHOUT IT!"
  • Eat all my mom's Christmas cookies before she has a chance to take them to work!
  • Drink a lot of "special" Eggnog.... because its legal
  • Think of something to get my grandfather, who hates Christmas as much as I do
  • Drink wine
  • Wear a lot of pajamas
  • Put more pajamas on my Christmas list
  • Watch all 300 versions of The Grinch they play on ABC Family
  • Watch EVERYTHING on ABC Family that says "Christmas" in the title Watch EVERYTHING on ABC Family period. 
  • Ignore everything on the list of the name I picked for Secret Santa.... and get them something I think is way cooler
  • Try not to kill Eric as he asks if he can have his present early for the 109938938 time!
  • Drink more wine
  • Buy my dog this adorable scarf I saw on



  1. I'm completely done with my Christmas prep. Other than making the fudge, but that's fun. All I really have left to do is watch every adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" I can find.


  2. I hate presents too. Mostly because they put my bank account in a stranglehold. I have a big family. And cheers to more wine, which makes said big family tolerable.

  3. I also celebrate the birth of my homeboy Jesus by stuffing my face with cookies. And after that, when the shame hits full force, I remember just how awesome Jesus's abs are (seriously, look at a crucifix. My family's Catholic so we have his chiseled 6 pack staring us in the face wherever we go). And then I work out harder than ever.

    -the other half of ABftS