Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspiration comes when you least expect it

Lately blogging has been a little bit of a chore (as much as I love you all). Its just hard to fit it in when I have such a heavy load with school and work. I'm a bit OCD so I kinda want to be at 110% for everything I do. I have been writing less posts, but I try and make them better quality so you guys enjoy yourselves why you're here! I've been working on some new things for OUR blog in the future, I even landed a interview with my favorite author Heather Wardell which will be coming sometime soon :) But even then I have been kinda worn out and thinking "I remember how fun it used to be". Then something unexpected happened, I stayed late in one of my classes to speak with one of my favorite teachers. When I finished talking to her a girl from my class walked with me out to my car, she told me my blog helped push her to start her own blog! And she's really good! 
[]: I'm sure she would be happy If you checked it out. 

Just reading through hers inspired me to write one tonight! So here I am :) typing a blog about I-Don't-Even-Know-What-Yet. Cause guess what guys? I didn't plan this post. I usually give it some thought, but no. Not today. We are doing something new! So basically I am gonna tell you about my night... 
Yes, This disgusting face was involved in my night. Be jealous. 
My boyfriend made me watch a zombie apocalypse movie (why yes, I did have to Google how to spell apocalypse). It turned out pretty good though, at least now I have a #1 on my list of shittiest movies ever. Anyway, I ended up saying "if I don't learn how to drive a stick we would totally die if we did have a zombie apocalypse!" WORST. MISTAKE. EVER(in my whole life). At ten o'clock last night I was driven to the back of Hobby Lobby's parking lot and pretty much forced to try. Eric says it went well... which technically I only killed it like 8 times. SO maybe he was right. Then I got to thinking, if this was a actual life or death situation I could probably do it. Cause people do crazy shit all the time when put in a life or death situation! So basically I gave up, and will not try again until I am being chased by a red eyed-bloody mouthed-flesh eating zombie. But if that does happen, I do have 3 extra spots in my getaway car. I'm accepting applications :)

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  1. Aww! That's awesome Casey! Thank you so much for the encouragement and help! :) Love your posts!