Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taste of St. Louis

Eric wanted to go to the Taste Of St. Louis yesterday, which I thought was an alright idea. Since I decided my knee won't slow me down anymore I wanted to go. Bad idea. Not only did my knee slow me down the 30,000+ people that kept knocking into me and stepping on my shoe almost killed me! Anyone who knows me is well aware that I don't like when people break my stride, basically DON'T stop right in front of me. So we made it about 20 minutes before I had a mild panic attack and freaked out. Link

Plus I had to drive there, and I HATE DRIVING IN THE CITY MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Mostly because when you have a giant amount of people, The IQ level drops like 1000 points. SO I had another panic attack because Eric likes to pretend he's calm when I'm driving but I know he isn't, so it makes me very paranoid. Link

Basically my message to the general public is.. Don't let the promise of 40 different booths of food drag you into the depths of the city. It isn't worth it. All you end up with is a wasted half tank of gas, several mild panic attacks, and a VERY HUNGRY stomach. 

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  1. True dat. I went to the taste of Chicago this year, and it's a small miracle that I left with my sanity. Crowds make me want to get stabby.