Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That One Jerk Part 2

I swear my life gets crazier everyday, basically I think my teacher wants me to kill myself. We all know ([That one Jerk]) that I told you about a few weeks ago (if not read that link). Well he got way WORSE! I have told all my facebook friends about it, but if you aren't my facebook friend then I will give you a few updates:
  • September 6th-A guy in my class actually called himself a celebrity for his knowledge of vinyl records... This is gonna be a long day
  • September 8th-Mr. Celebrity answered his phone during class. I guess when your famous you can do things like that.
Anyway this would be my status from today:
  • I'm sure my teacher hates me, she paired me with Mr. Celebrity for our midterm project.
So basically she either thinks I am the only one in the whole wide world that won't tell him how OBNOXIOUS he is or she wants me to die. I haven't decided yet. I will contemplate both these choices as he repeatedly tells me how lucky I AM that he was put in my group. Yep, lucky me :) 

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