Monday, September 26, 2011

The Avengers :)

My inner nerd has really come out lately, I have been super excited about The Avengers (who isn't?). So basically I take advantage of every small chance I can find to get {Bill Nye and Mr. Positive} to watch the cartoon. Which is very rare because the weather is GORGEOUS and I don't want to be the psycho that makes the kids watch T.V. even if The Avengers really do complete my life. Anyway, during one of the rainy afternoons Mr. Positive wanted to watch television, and I don't know if you guys are aware but kids shows kinda really suck lately. They are either gross or make no sense so I just HAD to trick Mr. Positive into watching Avengers (to keep my sanity). When you turn the television on for these boys a fire breathing elephant could walk through the room and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't notice. I love them though because they are always challenging my reasoning for things. Here's a glimpse:

Bill Nye: Why does Thor always die first!? He always is the first to get killed!

Me: Maybe it's cause he is the worst one, and he kinda sucks. 

Bill Nye: No he isn't! He has all the coolest stuff! He is the best out of all of them! 

Me: If is he is the best then why does he die first all the time? :) I mean... you said he dies first, that kinda means he's bad don't you think?

Bill Nye: No

Me: Yes!

Bill Nye: NO!

Me: YES!

Bill Nye: NUH-UH!


and that continued for about 1000 more Nuh-uh's and Yuh-huh's. I'm probably the most mature nanny you know. :)

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