Friday, September 9, 2011

This may or may-not prove that I am adopted

Im so excited! Eric and I are going out of town within the next hour! Well not like "vacation" out of town but the Don't Call-Don't text-No internet service kinda out of town, which is great for a girl like me who is glued to the internet in 95% of my free time. (a way to know your old is if your saying "kids are always on the internet these days") in that case you shouldn't be reading this.. PLUS I have 2 online classes so you can shut your mouth! Cause I am always doing online assignments when I'm online! yeah! well after I check facebook, my email, my blog, other peoples blogs, coupons, the weather, and the news. Then I'm all about homework, well unless someone talks to me on chat. I cant chat and do homework. But other then those few simple things I'm totally focused on homework. Anyway, I'm leaving till Sunday but I needed to leave you with a bit of humor that may or may-not prove that I am adopted. 

My dad's facebook status from yesterday-
i want to wish kathy my wife good luck in her new ass manager job at mobile next week,go  get them kathy

Yes my dad called his wife an ASS MANAGER. Your welcome and have a good weekend.

-By the way Kathy Good luck at your assistant manager position, this in no way makes fun of you or the way you manage asses.  


  1. I vote nay on the adoption, seems you have good humor genes! You guys have a great weekend, something to blog about when you get home.

  2. I'm totally stealing that - ass manager. Just letting you know.