Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is why I should never be alone with my thoughts

Today my IPhone decided to be the piece of crap that it is, and deleted all my music for no good reason. So while I was driving home from work I had to pull out one of the cd's my best friend Sheila made me. One cd she made was labeled "old school mix"and it is exactly what it advertised itself to be, very old school. I really enjoy one particular song:

So this got me thinking, one Christmas all I ever-did-want was a Ginger Spice barbie! OH, she was just my favorite! She wasn't all skanky like Baby Spice whom everyone seemed to love, but she was edgy enough for my liking when I was in third grade. Yes, I was a very edgy third grader... ask my mom. Anyway I DID get the Ginger Spice Barbie and I just remember how it changed my life! I think I grew into a better person because of it. For real, I could be a bank robber or something but thankfully my mom got me my barbie so I am not out damaging society. 

Here it is... the reason I'm such a cool cat today. 

Then as I continued to drive I couldn't help but wonder... What happened to Ginger Spice? The one who changed my life 10 years ago? So I did what any normal human would do, I Goggled her name. Seems she has been up to some very big things... like she was on ONE episode of Dancing with the Stars. If that wasn't enough she was also on ONE American Idol Episode.I don't understand how I missed all these big roles she has had lately. Maybe it's because of my busy work/school schedule. But I will make a vow to you Ginger Spice.... I will personally make a better effort to watch your guest appearances on shows about washed up stars. Only because your edgy attitude and badass Barbie changed my life. 

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  1. I always liked Ginger the best too. I have both her solo albums. :) But I never had her Barbie and now I know I was missing out. :)