Friday, August 26, 2011

That one Jerk

So we all know about that one jerk, you know the one who is sitting with you in an INTRO class but they seem to have so much experience that they are smarter then the teacher? Well.. It seems this semester will be full of them. Which is great! I mean, my teacher doesn't have two masters degrees so you should probably tell us about your experience working for some company I have never heard of...  as a non-paid intern. What you have to say Is so much more important than her 30 years in the field, actually... you should probably take over the class. They should probably pay you for constantly trying to teach all of us amateurs how to do things. I mean your constant babbling is SO interesting that even the teacher is okay with you interrupting her thoughts 90% of the time. .....

Okay you caught me, what I'm truly thinking is "SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH AND LET THIS LADY TALK BEFORE I COME BACK THERE AND SUCKER PUNCH YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!" Gosh it's so annoying! No your internship doesn't interest me, I actually caught myself falling asleep during parts of your constant talking. I don't care if you went to Africa and rescued refugees who were living in tents... Well actually that would be a pretty EPIC story and I would kinda think "man your cool" but no, these aren't "I fought the world and won" stories. These are, I make 10000 faxes a day and file like 900000 papers into a filing cabinet, for no money type stories. And they are BORING! School isn't my favorite thing already, so let the lady SPEAK! It's that or the sucker punch. You pick. 

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  1. Oh dear. I once had a kid in my class who was 27, lived with his parents and played video games all day and constantly talked about strippers and ex-girlfriends. He also cracked up every time he heard tge word moisture, which was unfortunate because seeing as it was a three-hour-long meteorology class.