Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For the love of my job!

Currently since I am still a student, I am working as a nanny for a splendid family. I truly mean that... I know lots of people in this world hate their jobs but not me. I watch two boys, and for the sake of the families saftey I will be giving them codenames. Bill Nye is 8 years old (he is the true "science guy") and he can tell you facts about anything in the world and often has to correct me about anything related to animals. Mr. Positive is 6 and he is always happy about something. This afternoon for lunch we had mac and cheese and cheez its, he thanked me because he got a "big cup" and because "cheez its are his favorite chip ever". Not only have I relearned Pokemon, they have also taught me that staying home with kids is a lot more damanding then people think! No really, I mean it. My grandma had 8 kids, and to be honest I dont know how she survived.
We do some pretty cool things together. This is going to be a poisonous dart frog when Bill Nye decides he wants to work on it again.

Anyway, I spend all my free time in the summers with the boys, which is great because at the end of the day I get to go home and soak in some peace and quiet. I love them, and they are an extended part of my family, but sometimes a girl needs some relaxation time ... Oh wait. That's when Eric decides that it's time to be energetic. No wonder I am Miss NappyPants!

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