Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gerald, Please forgive me.

Today was probably the funniest yet sad day of my life. Usually I like to leave the funny for last and hit you with the sad first, but in order to help you understand I think I will have to switch it up. So, yesterday I introduced my mother to Gerald, my troll doll that is dressed like a cowboy (see past post). She looked at me like she was ready to have me committed. Needless to say she hated him, and even asked if they paid me to take him. :( So I figured, how great would it be to scare the crap out of her with him? I mean what use does he have besides sitting in my room? So today I put the plan into action... I waited till she wasn't around and went out side to put him in her car. :) yes I did! 
Dont worry I buckled him in!
I knew she had a wedding shower to go to today so I planned the timing out really good. Let me tell you, she was NOT a happy lady when she found him. If I know my mother as well as I think I do, she probably told all those people at the shower. She probably even asked for advice on how to get me back. When she came home she did not bring Gerald with her. I was very curious because I knew my mom wouldn't just throw him away like she said she did. I knew he had to be hiding somewhere so I went on a hunt. Sadly, I found Gerald tied to my shift knob in the car.... by the neck. Yeah, that's no way to treat your grandchild. So I'm basically writing this to whoever is working on her team, cause this is WAR!

P.S. I didn't feel comfortable taking a picture of Gerald strangled to death in the car. I'm still recovering. 

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