Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Of School

Well, I sent the boys off to their first day of school, and man were they excited! I was asked about 20 times "when do we get to go to school" in every variation of that phrase that is possible. And to my surprise ALL the parents were there! Any other day, its just me and one other person wrangling all the munchkins. I was concerned some of them didn't have parents.  But these parents were excited, nothing was bringing them down today, they were gonna get dressed and watch as these kids went off for eight hours on that magical bus. There were a lot of exchanges of the adults (more like mummers) such as.. what will you do with your free time? It will be so nice to relax! Oh really, you went there this summer too? was it 90000 degree's and did they throw themselves on the ground like our trip? Meanwhile I am watching Bill Nye and Mr. Positive pick bugs off the leaves nearby and I'm thinking they are growing up to fast! Seriously, when did they get that tall?  As I'm having this sad moment another parent says "man, they both got tall." ummm thanks, now I really will burst out crying. But I didn't, I held it together because they ARE growing up and I don't want to embarrass them by being the only person there who wants to keep them home, and hug them all day saying "you're never growing up". 

I didn't get all fancy with this post because my body is in withdraw right now from not eating yummy food or drinking soda. So basically I have been laying in the dark with ice on my head all afternoon. During my nap Eric called and I might have compared my symptoms with that of someone who is coming off drugs. Needless to say not only does he think I am dramatic, but I don't think he wants to come anywhere near me.

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