Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boo for Branson!

I wanted to make one big, "you suck" shout out to Branson, Mo. Yeah, thats right... I hate you. Not only are u full of things I don't like such as Roller Coasters and tourist traps, you are stealing my boyfriend for 4 days!
Stupid roller coasters.
Yeah, you've just moved up on my hatred list right behind lettuce. I'm sure all of you reading this are thinking "its four days you giant wimp!" But let me explain something, I have never thrown myself in front of a car if he wants to hang out with his friends without me. I am more than considerate when it comes to manly things such as fishing, shooting,and bars with "the guys". The problem is, I'm addicted to texting and should probably get some sort of intervention one day.  
This is not me, but I am equally as crazy as this girl.

Sadly since nobody has took it upon themselves to intervene, I'm still crazy and expect texts from a guy who "hates texting" (which i didn't think was possible). So basically if I don't hear from him for a few hours I get crazy thoughts in my head like..Maybe he got the virus from Planet Of The Apes and since I wasn't there to recognize it for him he probably died. Hopefully someone in the Branson area has stopped eating Salt Water Taffy for 90 minutes of their life and went to see the movie so they can recognize bloody sneezes as the sign of this very deadly virus. 
I added this ONLY because I know he will want to kill me. And because he's the best boyfriend ever :)

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