Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whats cuter than a troll dressed as a cowboy? That's right, nothing.

I'm sure the title of this blog has confused the crap out of everyone, but I needed it to be catchy cause this day was SUPER exciting! But before I tell you about my new addition, I want to start at the beginning. It's all kinda fuzzy right now cause I'm overwhelmingly exhausted so try to stay with me. So, this morning my friend sheila and I were all like "what should we do today?" Clearly we figured it out cause this was the best day since... EVER.  We went to the Pevely Flea Market! Yay us!
No sheila, I didn't lie to you. I wasn't taking a picture when you asked "you aren't taking a picture are you?" I waited like 3 more seconds, then I took a picture :)

I'm sure you can tell that she was enjoying herself cause we both love records! Sadly, I didn't make the proper jeans choice today because of my demon dog (check back for a blog about this later) so I didnt want to get on the ground and give the Pevely Flea Market people that kinda show.  Anyway, we were just walking around when I saw him, the most perfect little troll face I ever-did-see ...

So, meet my newest addition... Gerald. Please tell me whats cuter than a troll dressed as a cowboy? That's right, nothing.
Needless to say my heart hurt that this adorable little guy was just sitting there with no troll friends, so i just had to buy him. The shop owner seemed pretty sad to let him go, but not sad enough cause she still stuffed his body into a bag. I DID text this photo to Eric, saying "my new friend" and "Miss you!" but I have yet to get a response either he did get the Planet of the Apes virus, or he is ignoring my craziness till he gets home. I think we all know which one it is. :)

P.S. I have another blog coming shortly about why I think my dog is the devil, so check back cause obviously this day was SO exciting that I need a nap! :) a guilt free, NappyPants nap!

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