Sunday, August 28, 2011

One phone call from prison

So, its baby shower time again in the Stenger family:) another new addition and another baby shower! I'm not a huge fan of baby showers but for my family and close friends... I pull myself together. Anyway this evening my mom was all "Ok Casey, you fill out these two packs of invites, and I will do two so it will go fast!" notice... NOT a question. More of a "SIT DOWN AND WRITE". So I did, but as always I complained the whole time. I mumbled a bunch of things about slave labor, college not being important, my social life being ruined etc. Mostly because I just wanted to drive her insane.. and I'm really good at it. But this my friends, is not my point. My point is summed up in this conversation:

Eric calls

Eric: Yea Im not doing anything so you can come on over

Me: Sure, I will be over after my mom stops enforcing her horrible slave labor

Eric: Cool beans see you in a bit

Me: Your not even gonna ASK what I'm talking about?

Eric: Ehhhh... something tells me im gonna hear ALL about it later. Im not gonna worry about it right now. See ya later

Me: Yeah that's if I'm ALIVE later! But you don't wanna hear about THAT! 

Eric: byyeeee! :)

Awesome, I could be locked up in some sweat shop making Nikes for 12 cents an hour and my boyfriend won't care. I know who I'm NOT gonna call when I'm given one phone call from prison. 

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  1. Hey now, he might care if you were working in a sweat shop. I mean, after an 8 hour day, that 96 cents could go towards buying him something nice...