Saturday, August 20, 2011

SpitFlops and a Weirdo Toe

Yes my friends, I will talk about anything on this blog including my toes. Sometime this week I got a mysterious bite that turned from something small into something hideously scary. My little baby toe has grown like four sizes in the past 24 hours. I put it in tennis shoes today and I walked with a limp. My mother seems to think it is a spider bite but since I am not in complete pain (due to it going numb like 12 hours ago) I feel like I can suck it up. Unless it needs to be amputated, then I will cry like a little girl. My boyfriend chased me around with a knife all night (no he doesnt do this..... often) because he said I just need to pop it! gross right? I'm glad you understand how disgusting he is :)
I figured you would rather see pictures of the flip flops then the toe. 

Anyway, my point being I had to wear flip flops today. I hate wearing flip flops because recently they have turned into something else, I like to call them SpitFlops. The people I nanny for have a ginormous dog who.. god love him drives me crazy like 90% of the time. He also loves this little game called hide Casey's flip flops.  I can't tell you how much time the boys and I waste looking around the house for them! So he gets his spit all over them and hides them in a corner.. then I wipe them off and put them back on. When I leave, I go to Erics ... now in this house his dog actually likes to EAT the SpitFlops. I guess he smells his friend, and I'm pretty positive they send dogs messages on how to drive me crazy. Usually Eric's dog sniffs them, licks them, and then eats chunks off of them. Its really become quite the game in my life with these two dogs. I think the irony of this situation is that I have replaced my flip flops THREE times and none of them occurred at my own home with my own dog :)
I'm Team Zoey all the way! 

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