Saturday, August 20, 2011

This blog comes to you from..

Someone who is soda free! Yes my lovely blog friends, It has taken 5 days to get over the shock but I have done it. I'm not sure I ever intend to go back! My mind feels a bit clearer and I FEEL a lot better. Meaning I don't stop by the gas station every morning and crawl in to get my daily fix. I'm feeling good which finally means I can get into a workout habit that suits me, instead of wanting to vomit on the floor every time I move. This diet has taught me a lot! Although I wanted to strangle my sister and Amanda for having popcorn in front of me at the movies, I didn't have any :) yes that is will power.

Today is Jenn's baby shower so I must go, just know I won't be drinking any sodas!

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