Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ugh, long day

It's been a long day. Why must we do things like continue our education? Why isn't high school enough? I mean 12 years of school is a pretty EPIC accomplishment if you really think about it. The world just keeps getting harder and harder. My child will probably have to go to college for 10 years, and not because he/she is stupid. But because the standards keep getting higher. I will have no advice to give to them either besides "school sucks. good luck." and then maybe give a cackling laugh because that would make the situation a lot cooler. Anyway, my only advice for you moms out there is to let your kids quit school and then pay the bills for them for like.... 60+ years. I mean it's only fair. You are the people who put us into this ever changing, high standards, overwhelming life! right? I figured you would agree. So case closed.


I figured you all wouldn't fall for something as dumb as that. Had to add a bit of humor to my exhausting day. My posts are seeming to get shorter as school takes over my life. So don't judge me for not posting. If you need me I will be trying to explain to my mom that she cant possibly have homework on the first day of class. Wish me luck :)

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  1. Good luck with class! Egads do I miss college some days...