Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My First Post!

SO... I was looking around at some blogs today and I kept thinking "I could totally do that". So here I am :) I figured I would spend my first post helping you understand why I picked the title NappyPants. Like mostly everything that I will talk about in this blog, its an inside story with my boyfriend Eric and I. Since we have been together he has had a hard time adjusting to my midday naps. I being a normal human, like to enjoy a wonderful afternoon nap on occasion (like 6 times a week) and he would rather be killed than ever sleep during the day. Anyway, my love of naps has earned me the title of NappyPants and I wear the ever-childish name proudly because honestly, if i didn't take naps... Eric would probably be dead by now. He has more energy than anyone I have ever met. After staying two extra hours at work this evening he still took me fishing in the 90 degree weather. We spent 2 hours standing on the side of the Meramec and didn't catch a damn thing. To some (meaning me) this might be annoying. Mostly because I hate sweating, I hate bug bites, and I have spent enough time with a certain smart 8 year old to know what a snake hole looks like. But, to my ever positive and energetic boyfriend it was just another peaceful evening by the water. :) And of course by peaceful I mean, he spent his evening cutting my line out of two different trees and untangling my mess of a line... As I fished with his pole. 

This would be eric putting a new hook on for a third time. He's so nice!

             This is him casting for me because while he may be nice, he most certainly was not going to let me hit a tree for the third time.                       
This is when I finally gave up and took pictures of the trees :)

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