Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Really? Squash?

So today has been an emotional roller coaster. Mostly because I had to give up my Crack habit (soda). No I don't do crack, calm down

           These are the stages of my day:

  • Crankiness-"no Kevin I did not have fun at Trader Joe's! your so annoying! leave me alone I haven't had any soda! JEEZ!"
  • Headache- Curtains closed, Ice pack on head, complaining until I fall asleep
  • Nausea- Trying not to throw up on anyone/anything that chooses to be near me
  • Complaining- "I want real food! White castle looked SO good on the way home! this is no way to live! It is impossible!"
  • Bargaining- "Eric how about I just get a two liter bottle of soda? then I will just drink a small glass to celebrate making it a whole day!"
  • Pouting- Fine, I will do it but I don't like it one bit!
  • Sleeping- It always makes everything ok :)

I should tell you guys that I have survived, with an extra special love for Almond Butter. Tomorrow we will be trying a Spaghetti Squash and hopefully it doesn't taste as disgusting as it sounds. 
Please just support me by saying how good it looks.
Sunday we will be celebrating my sister's birthday at Cheeburger Cheeburger and I WILL be using a flex-day so everyone can shut their mouths because I don't want to hear it. The idea of Sunday is the only thing helping me through the week.  No really, shut up... I can hear you judging me.

P.S. I'm feeling much better now.But something tells me this process will repeat itself tomorrow.

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  1. I guess you are not going to the races Saturday night to celebrate my birthday???