Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is why he is the best:)

So as we all know, Eric came home today. I'm sure everyone's happy to hear that cause your probably tired of my complaining. He did come bearing gifts :) which makes me happy of course and since I wrote a post on my gift guessing, I wanted to show you just how wrong I was.
Item number one:
Wine! He got it at the winery that they visited. It's very tasty and I would know because whats missing from that bottle is in my cup right now :)

and item number 2:
A shirt that he picked out by himself (with no help) and it actually fits :)
Come on now ladies, how often does a man buy you something that actually fits? Not often. But he did, so I'm giving him some serious recognition. Now for the wine... It is great! He kept telling me to "check my nose" before I drink it which could mean various things, from a drug reference to a kleenex suggestion. Turns out he's all fancy now from his wine tour. Hope he isn't to cool to binge drink with me on my 21st birthday. Just kidding :)... Or not.

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  1. Can I borrow your guy for a few days? I need to buy my wife a shirt and I am in way over my head. For a job like this, I'm gonna need a pro.