Friday, August 19, 2011

I just don't have time!

I have just been so busy, to start... Eric actually had a half day at work yesterday! He NEVER gets time off so we spent the day together. That would be why I didn't feel up to the "blogging" thing. Well that, and he thinks it's pretty annoying so I try to keep it to my free time (for my sake).

Anyway, Eric got a new ringtone for when I call and I was all "That is so super cute!" I was really impressed cause If you just listen to the words It seems so adorable. But then I watched the video

The song my boyfriend tricked me with! <------ click here to see it

Basically my boyfriend thinks I'm a psycho. I believe at one point there is a straight jacket mentioned. I understand though, cause I cannot deny my craziness. Probably cause I'm still coming off the soda and junk food. My anger stemmed from me giving him tons of credit for such an "adorable" song. Yeah, I should have known better.

Pray for my sanity! 

P.S. today is My best friends Birthday!!! So tell her Happy Birthday right (HERE)

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