Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thanks for being here to witness this defeat.

So, its finally Sunday which means ERIC COMES HOME! I'm not even excited about the presents he's bringing me, cause he keeps making me guess and I am not very good at guessing. Oddly enough I find myself guessing a lot of food items cause what else do they have in Branson? But he kept saying No. And I dont really like that word so I kinda wanted to stop guessing. Then I was all "omg I know! Its one of those necklaces with my name on rice!" and of course he was all "how the hell would I get your name on a grain of rice?" and to be completely honest... I don't really know how they do it. But I know for sure I have seen it done before.
This is my proof Eric. 
Even my mom knows about this rice situation, I asked her. So that's two people that think I am right. Now that I have proved my point I can go on with my life. Thank you blog readers to be here to witness this defeat.

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