Saturday, August 13, 2011

And this my friends, is why you just gotta love kids!

Thursday all I could think about was puppy chow, and when I have a craving I take it very seriously. I was working and so I had a little chat with Bill Nye about it:

Me: Hey have you guys ever had puppy chow?

Bill Nye: No. I dont eat dog food. I think its what we feed the dogs though.

Me: No.. Im talking about the snack for humans.

Bill Nye: No I dont eat dog food.

Me: ok but it's not dog food. It has peanut butter and chocolate. we make it here for us to eat.

Bill Nye: Do we feed it to the dogs? 

At this point I thought It may be best to talk to Mr. Positive

Me: Hey have you ever tried puppy chow?

Mr. Positive: No but we feed it to Freddy

Me: Ugh, no I mean the human snack It has peanut butter and chocolate?

Mr. Positive: Oh so we make it and then give it to the dogs?

Clearly we all see how this was going so I decided to put them in the car to go get the supplies. All the while the boys kept talking in the backseat about how they refuse to eat dog food. I think I replied with things like "well after you see it, I'm sure you will want some... but if not more for me:)"
(clearly not dog food)
 So we get all the supplies and head to the check out where a very nice (but odd) man was working the register. He saw the very obvious ingredients and got SUPER excited. He kept telling the boys how wonderful puppy chow was. At first I wanted to thank him for backing me up but then he started making this very weird slurping sound and he talked to us for far to long. Even right now I can still hear him slurping.. gross right? So we get back to the house and Bill Nye wanted nothing to do with the actual preparing of the food because he had just gotten new bug books at the library. So it was me and Mr. Positive in the kitchen and he seemed to be kind of coming around to the idea. Finally snack time arrives and I cannot wait to have them try it! When they finally do, after smelling it and doing various other visual tests... They love it! Yay! Great right? yeah, not so much... cause  guess what they said? 

"That guy at the store was right! this is so good!"
And this my friends, would be why you just gotta love kids!

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