Friday, August 12, 2011

Lazy Day!

So today I'm totally feeling like that Lazy song by Bruno Mars. It's great cause I am off of work and doing nothing, and since Eric isn't around he can't make me feel super crappy about it. I should note that he doesn't intentionally try to make me feel crappy about it, he just uses his own form of subliminal messaging that somehow makes me change my complete outlook on the day... and then I force myself to get up because now I'm feeling like a giant POS. Mostly because by the time I am ready to do anything he has already worked a whole day, been to the bank, and ate dinner. At this point I'm still watching reruns of Gilmore Girls in bed and my major accomplishment for the day is that I took a shower :). Also I should mention he got to Branson safely and because he is wonderful, he has been texting me so I don't have a nervous breakdown. 

This is how I feel right now.
Anyway, I missed a HUGE important event in my blog yesterday! It was my sister Ashly's 22nd birthday! I was super excited for her and it's not even because once her birthday passes mine comes super fast!(48 days!) It's cause I think birthdays are SO fun! Plus, we grew  up in the same grade. We have shared lockers, a bedroom, and even walked together at our high school graduation. Yeah, I know "were lucky" and if you talk to us about how lucky we are, on certain days we MAY even agree with you. Although when we were kids we could never agree on NSYNC or  Baskstreet Boys, who got what Barbie, or where to have our joint birthday parties, now we disagree on more grown-up things, cause lets face it... we are old! Happy Birthday Ashly! :)

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