Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yeah I talk to my dog. So what? You talk to your infant.

It is known around my house that I ask my dogs opinion on everything. I feel like if you can talk to your newborn baby I can ask my dog what t shirt looks best in the morning. Here's a glimpse at why my brother thinks I'm a psychopath (other than the obvious reasons)

Kevin: I'm making dinner if you want some

Me: what do you think Zoey?

Kevin: do you always ask your dogs opinion?

Me: what do u think Zoey? Do I always ask your opinion? Uhhh... I mean no I don't.

Kevin: ok well it looks like you just did.

Me: No I didn't! Did I Zoey? Oh! Dammit!

For all of you that are judging me right now, remember the crazy people that make annoying sounds to drooling babies in front of you at the grocery store. At least I have the decency to be annoying at home.

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