Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The two loves of my life :)

Ok, in this post I plan to tell you as much as I can about the two most wonderful things to ever happen to me!

This is Eric, Wonderful thing Number 1. We've been together 2 years on September 26th. He's pretty great mostly because I can torture him with all my annoying qualities and he still doesn't try to kill me. A few nights ago I told him I was gonna practice the techniques I would use If I was ever kidnapped, so basically I abused him for like an hour straight and he didn't try to "accidentally" punch me in the face or anything. Then to top it off, I walked around the house telling everyone I beat him up. Yeah, that's right he has more patience than anyone I have ever met. I think it's super awesome cause I have NONE. He is the first person to catch my wrath when I'm stuck in traffic, i don't get enough sleep, or when I am hungry. And those days take up about 85% of my life. 

I should probably mention that every time I ask him if we can take a picture it kills a part of his soul, he HATES pictures! But clearly, he does these things to make me shut up... so I am very grateful.

We are not an "average" couple. Being in the room with us is like being at the circus (not that I know what thats like) but im sure we compare to the horrible clowns that throw pies in each others faces but still hug it out when the shows over? Maybe, I dont know. It was just a thought.  

This is Zoey, my wonderful thing Number 2. I adopted her from animal control in Feb. She is awesome because I can talk to her and I look way less weird than when I'm talking to myself. I spend more money on toys, food, and treats for Zoey then I do on myself. 

Sadly, Zoey had to get all of her hair cut off yesterday. She is very embarrassed (or cold) and spends most of her time pouting now. So Erics mom let her borrow some doggy shirts. :)

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