Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm gonna need a moment..

So tomorrow Bill Nye and Mr. Positive BOTH head back to school. Bill will be a third grader and Mr. Positive will be in first grade, and I think they have pretty mixed emotions about it. (Meaning, if they had NO work and got to hangout with friends all day, in one big classroom then they would be thrilled) Sadly, the world knocks on your door when you are 5 and invites itself inside... until you are just about dead. Anyway, I have been pretty good with the idea the past few days....then finally today it hit me, Mr. Positive is going to FIRST GRADE! oh my goodness!

 Will the kids be nice? Will he like it? Do they still take naps? Will he know some of the kids from his class? Will he have fun? This is so stressful! I need to calm down.... 

but then Bill Nye is going to third grade and I hated that grade most of all! Will his teacher be nice? Will the kids be nice? Will he make new friends!? and OMG will he like it? will this change his whole outlook on school!? Will he hate school?! Oh no! Bill Loves to learn! He can't hate school! 

Oh JEEZ this is too much! I think I'm going to crawl into a corner in the fetal position and not come out till they have graduated college. Anyway, if you see a girl curled up into a ball crying at the bus stop, you will know it's me. 

I'm gonna need a moment... 

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