Monday, August 15, 2011

Typical Girl Statements

Have you ever done/said something to purposely make someone feel guilty? Well then congratulations, you are a woman! Hey, it's not your fault. You were born to talk and act that way. Blame your parents, its what i usually do. Anyway, here are some very typical things I heard growing up:

"Oh, it's fine. You don't want to spend time with me I understand."
"No, I get it you are just to cool for me."
"I don't fit into your busy schedule"
"You just don't want to talk to me"
or my personal favorite on a car ride to Chicago that I got up EXTRA early for because I knew my mom was to nice to tell me she wanted to leave early... "Why are you sleeping? do you not want to talk to me?"

These my friends, are what Eric and I like to call "typical girl statements" and they are banned from our relationship. Does this mean we don't bicker? Absolutely NOT. Actually, just this evening I thought I was going to have to kill him cause he was being a super big smart ass. (go figure)

This is pretty similar to how I looked/acted. With a little more yelling.

 if my crazy side comes out (like usual) he says something like "YOU ARE BEING SUCH A TYPICAL GIRL RIGHT NOW" or "WAS THAT A TYPICAL GIRL STATEMENT?" and then I kinda snap back into reality like... "Oh that's right I'm trying to NOT be a crazy psycho today"....

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