Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why my dog is evil.

So let me explain why I think my dog is evil, yesterday while getting ready to take a trip to grandpa's house Zoey got of her leash... yes she did. I know what all you dog owners out there are thinking, something probably like "Oh, CRAP!" and that would be the correct response. I'm pretty sure I should enter this dog in the Doggie Olympics (does it exist?) cause she is extremely fast (at least faster than I am in flip flops). Anyway, she starts running towards a wooded area and of course me being mom-like, I was concerned she was gonna get poison ivy. So as I'm running down a hill I FALL face first into the ground, seriously... my face hit the dirt. My pants that I JUST put on have grass stains that are in pretty questionable areas, and my face has MUD on it. But wait... It gets better, as I'm pulling myself up from the ground my brother just walks right up, bends over, and says "come here Zoey" and you know what? She DOES! Now, I've been told by parents that kids always wanna go with the "cool uncle" but the kids usually don't knock their moms down into the dirt first. So I think she just wanted to race or play tag. Well it's that, or she is evil. 

This is what she did when she got to grandpa's house, she doesn't share the fan very well. I wouldn't either if I just sprinted faster than Charlie Sheen to a crack house.

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