Monday, August 22, 2011

Some things just aren't meant to be questioned

So, the summer has officially ended. Yes, the work has already begun. I am taking a class where I get to watch movies. How cool is that? Pretty cool right? No. At least not yet. The first movie I had to watch was horrible, boring, and old. Hopefully he picks a cool one next time (not likely to happen but I can always dream). School is also in full swing for the boys and they seem to be enjoying it as much as little boys can enjoy sitting at a desk all day. I'm happy they get some time apart to hangout with other people, and branch out with new friends. 

Eric and I have been driving each other bonkers all weekend, mostly cause our conversations go something like this:

Me: What did you get an NRA membership for? 

Eric: Well it was only $35 dollars

Me: You actually had to pay for it?

Eric: Uh yeah

Me: What do you get for this $35?

Eric: Ummm that magazine for a year

Me: Oh and the bumper sticker?

Eric: No actually I had to pay extra for that

Me: So you basically pay $35 dollars a year for a magazine?

Eric: No I pay $35 a year for a peace of mind.

Me: Stunned silence (doesn't happen often)... Alright I guess I'm done talking about this now.

I'm going to assume this is a "man thing" that I will just never understand and leave it like that. Some things are just not meant to be questioned. Well mostly things about guns aren't supposed to be questioned.

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